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internet censorship

In this article I go back to a topic that I addressed on my Facebook page last night and that is the progressive internet censorship. In this context, various system-critical content has been deleted or punished for a few months, yes, basically even for a few years. Whether videos, articles or even entire YouTube channels/Facebook pages, censorship is becoming ever greater and freedom of expression is being restricted.

The truth is unstoppable

The truth is unstoppableEspecially since the Pizzagate scandal, which was about an alleged false report (disclosure of a pedophile network - for several years it has become more and more known that high-ranking politicians cover/maintain entire pedophile networks - countless facts/evidence speak for it), are system-critical Content or even system-critical news is labeled “fake news” and severely punished by Facebook. Ultimately, the current sham system is protected with all power and people who could be dangerous to the system are deliberately defamed. So it should no longer be a secret that the mass media in particular exposes system-critical content to ridicule and muzzles it with blunt terms such as “conspiracy theory/conspiracy theorists” (a word that comes from psychological warfare, keyword: Kennedy assassination), Reich citizen or populist be made (see Xavier Naidoo, Lisa Fitz, Heiko Schrang or countless other Youtubers/Bloggers). Here alone it should be clear that our freedom of expression is severely restricted, because if you publicly address system-critical content, preferably if you are still a little known and in the public eye, then sooner or later you will be massively attacked by the mass media. Just like the now 90-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has to go to prison for two years because she denies the Holocaust. You have to put your head down and question the supposed freedom of expression in our country (someone gets jail time for denying the Holocaust... I'm not exactly informed about the subject myself or I only know the current version from our history books , but should you lock up a 90-year-old lady for that?!). The situation is similar with system-critical content on YouTube or Facebook.

With the word conspiracy theory/conspiracy theorists, people who think differently are denounced and exposed to ridicule. But it is not only our mass media that are taking action against an ever-increasing part of the population, there are also people within society who in turn exclude people who think differently. As soon as someone has a body of thought that does not correspond to one's own conditioned and inherited world view, then one points the finger at this person and excludes them. For this reason, people like to talk about so-called system guards, i.e. people who instinctively protect the current system, although they don't know the real background + motives at all..!!

Videos or entire channels are often deleted. Corresponding articles will also be penalized. In this context, there are certain keywords that can lead to an immediate penalty. For example, if the title of an article contains the words: "NWO", "Chemtrails", "Haarp", "Lying Press", "Weather Manipulation", "Puppet Politician" and many others, then it can happen that the Facebook reach limited for a few days.

You can't break us down

You can't break us downSomething similar has happened to me several times, with one post being particularly restrictive of the range. At the end of 2016 I wrote a critical article about Haarp with the following headline: “Haarp – How our weather is deliberately manipulated”. At first everything was as usual, but in the following days, yes, even the next day, the range was in the basement. For a short time (for almost a week, after that it slowly got better) my content was hardly displayed to other people and the earnings also collapsed. At first I didn't understand what was going on, but after a short time I realized that it was the system-critical article. I was able to observe something similar several times in the period that followed, which is why I have been formulating the headlines differently, at least when it comes to system-critical articles. Of course I don't let that limit me and continue to publish critical articles, but the approach is a little more thoughtful. Well then, for this reason the publication of corresponding articles can be life-threatening. For example, if my content were permanently penalized or my page was deleted, then my livelihood would no longer be secured and my existence would be temporarily threatened, simply because I finance my independence with AllesistEnergie. It's just a fight against the truth that is currently taking place (a subtle war: The "subtle war" is coming to a head - it's about the light of our souls) and the puppet state tries with all its might to narrow down this truth (about our existence and the warring planetary circumstance). As far as that is concerned, the Facebook pages “Dissolve Chemtrails” and “OrgonEnergie” have now also been blocked, simply because on its pages, especially on the “Dissolve Chemtrails” page, no mince was spoken and countless system-critical content was addressed.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent - and that is power because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcolm X..!!

Ultimately, this shows once again impressively how much freedom of expression is restricted in this country and, above all, how system-critical content is censored. For this reason I called yesterday to subscribe to his new or previously unused YouTube channel and I will do the same thing again in this article. Since it is extremely annoying to lose your own platforms, especially if you have only done reconnaissance, you should get immediate support when setting up new platforms. That's why I'm linking his latest video and channel below again. If you want to support him as well, leave a subscription. Normally I'm not that offensive or pushy when it comes to this, but since it's about freedom of expression and, above all, about the deletion of important platforms, it's important to me. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

Subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQZU0I8z26cgVw1wMXgFCTA/videos

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