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As has often been mentioned in my articles, an energetic cleansing process is currently taking place, which, due to very special cosmic circumstances, has been responsible for a real reorientation of human civilization for several years. Our planet experiences a huge increase in frequency (low frequencies for thousands of years/unknowing - unbalanced state of consciousness, high frequencies for thousands of years/knowing balanced state of consciousness) whereby we humans autodidactically increase our own frequency, i.e. address our frequency state adapt to that of the earth. This process is absolutely necessary, unavoidable and at the end of the day leads to a massive expansion of the collective state of consciousness.

Consequences of change

The intensity of the past three daysUltimately, due to the increased frequency, humanity becomes significantly more sensitive, becomes more spiritual, more empathetic, explores its own origins again, becomes more truth-oriented and, above all, finds its way back to nature. Instead of avoiding/rejecting natural processes, places, living conditions and conditions in general, a return takes place and we begin to reject/reject everything that prevents us from living in harmony with nature. We recognize our self-imposed entanglements and begin again to realize/manifest a mental state in which balance, self-control, mindfulness and self-love are present. Following on from this, we experience a sharpening of our senses, bring our female/intuitive and male/analytical parts into balance and initiate a completely individual change that turns us into completely new people (people who are aware of their creative power and in harmony with nature and... act on life itself). The collective spiritual realignment then creates a new world that is characterized by justice, charity, peace, health and stability. This process, which is also often referred to as a transition into the 5th dimension, i.e. a transition into a high/balanced state of consciousness (transition into a high frequency, into light, into Christ consciousness, into a new world), is due to the energetic interactions, due to a conflict between soul and ego (light and darkness - lack of balance), often accompanied by stormy situations that show us all of our shadow parts and self-created entanglements.

The change that has been going on for several years is extremely important for our own mental and spiritual well-being and means that in the long term we recognize and accept/release all of our shadow parts in order to subsequently be able to create a state of consciousness in which balance, purity, Self-love and truth are present..!!

This process is unavoidable and ensures that we no longer suppress our own disagreements, that we look at our inner conflicts, clarify them, and even let them go at the end of the day in order to be able to create a state of consciousness based on this in which clarity, purity, truth and peace prevails.

The intensity of the past three days

The intensity of the past three daysFor this reason, the process can usually lead to many shadow-heavy moments and can be perceived as very painful. Often this unavoidable confrontation can even lead to downright depressive moods and can be a trigger for all kinds of interpersonal conflicts (conflicts that show us our own unredeemed parts - the entire external, perceptible world is a mirror of our own mental state and leads us to open ones mental wounds in front of our eyes). In recent years, especially this year, there have been many such situations, all of which were extremely stormy in nature, but were also inevitable for our own prosperity. They were conflicts that made us aware of our own imbalance and asked us to accept or even change our own life situation (leave the situation, change it or accept it completely). In the last few days we have had such stormy days again and the last 3 days up to the winter solstice were able to transport some conflicts into our daily consciousness. Like today Daily energy items As mentioned, the winter solstice also represents the darkest day of the year (21st/22nd), on which the longest night and the shortest day of the year take place. Symbolically speaking, the last days up to the winter solstice represent dark days when we can once again become aware of all our shadows and negative aspects. This circumstance was then reinforced by two portal days (December 2th/19th), which massively aggravated the situation. 20 days earlier (December 4th) we reached an important turning point when the predominant element of water, which was responsible for emotional, sensitive and spiritual issues, changed into the earth element. In the next 17 years, our manifestation, our creative powers and, above all, our self-realization will be in the foreground, which also goes perfectly with the current phase in the process of spiritual awakening (The stages of spiritual awakening | Knowledge – action – revolution).

Due to the change to the predominant earth element and the associated portal days in combination with the dark days before the winter solstice, some conflicts could again be transported into our daily consciousness and be responsible for a stormy circumstance..!!

For this reason, the end of this phase, matching the dark days before the winter solstice in combination with the portal days, could once again be responsible for a massive stormy circumstance and lead to the temporary manifestation of various conflicts. In this context, there was a greater crisis in my environment than it had been for a long time and interpersonal conflicts of various kinds reached my state of consciousness. They were therefore very intense and exhausting days in which I also had to take a short break and not publish any further articles. It was only today that the situation calmed down again, peace was able to return and my strength returned. In the coming days things will definitely be a little quieter and more harmonious again, especially since the days after the winter solstice represent a rebirth or return of light and can subsequently make us feel more harmonious. Ultimately, a smooth transition into the manifestation year 2018 could now take place and we can expect a time in which we not only realize some of our heart's desires, but also bring our own spiritual intentions into harmony with our actions. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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