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spring water

Within the ascension process, most people experience a sea change in their own way of life. On the one hand, one feels more and more drawn to a more natural lifestyle and accordingly wants more natural foods (Medicinal plants, sprouts, grasses, algae and co.) take in, on the other hand one generates through one's own altered spiritual A state that is subsequently increasingly geared towards nature, holiness and creative power, a force field through which we reshape the outer world, i.e. one becomes a magnet of circumstances, which in turn contain the information of purity and healing at their core carry.

water from natural springs

spring water energyOur own newly developed closeness to nature changes our entire inner orientation, just as our biochemistry changes fundamentally accordingly. Foods that in turn carry a density frequency, i.e. unnatural/industrial foods, are subsequently less and less well tolerated. Your own energy and cell milieu system no longer resonates with low-vibrating foods or with substances that are essentially artificial/industrial in nature, which is why many sensitive people in particular develop intolerances in this regard. The situation is similar with the most important element of life, namely water. In this context, most people are not aware of what kind of water they are drinking or many people even believe that water is the same, i.e. that there can be no serious differences in this regard. But that is a big mistake, because water, as life itself, has a whole range of special properties. The properties a spring water or a spring water also deviate completely from the properties of tap water or common bottled water and this circumstance should also be absolutely understandable. A water that in turn comes from the depths of our earth, flowing through different layers of rock, embedded in a natural space, for example within a mountain, surrounded by its natural energy, is of course in no way comparable to water, which in turn is used by thousands of people flowed through - through sewage treatment plants, toilets, flushing systems and also through dark/dirty pipe systems.

Polluted water

spring waterAs far as this is concerned, water itself as an information medium also absorbs all impressions and energies. Water that has been mistreated accordingly, as is the case with our tap water, has very disharmonious properties. On the one hand, its frequency field is destroyed or hardly developed. The energy level is very low, its crystalline structure is completely deformed and arranged disharmoniously, just like that it is polluted on a physical level, i.e. heavily saturated and has a large cluster structure. And on top of that, all the pollutant information that we take in when we drink is also stored in this large cluster slump. It is precisely for this reason that fewer and fewer people tolerate tap water and contaminated bottled water, sometimes even without being aware of it. The strong saturation also has a strong influence here. Many know it from their kettles and pots, which are already calcified after repeated use. Our organism has to fight with precisely such deposits as a result if we drink calcareous/strongly saturated water every day. Ultimately, one could also say a lot about polluted water in this context, for example also about tap water, that it is only tested for 16 pollutants out of over 2000, mineral water is tested for 32 pollutants (in our For example, tap water has had a highly toxic herbicide in it found far too large a quantity).

The healing power of spring water

spring waterBut that's exactly how you can say a lot of unique things about the special healing power of spring water or spring water. Real spring water or water with the corresponding spring water/spring water properties has an almost improbably strong healing power and for good reason. In such water, there is an extremely high level of energy. Such water is therefore bursting with energy and vitality. Its frequency field is fully active/primal, its crystalline structure is hexagonally arranged, and its basic order is consistent. Not for nothing did Viktor Schauberger, one of the pioneers in the field of water energization, say the following:

"In every drop of spring water there are more forces than a medium-sized power plant of the present is able to generate.".

Or a special quote from Sebastian Kneipp:

"I believe I can cite no cure that cures more surely than water."

Or in general even an old Slovak proverb:

"Pure water is the first and most important medicine in the world." 

spring waterAt the end of the day, primordial spring water/spring water contains such impressive energy that it can have very special effects on your own organism. On the one hand, our cells are really hydrated, because only highly pure, natural water with a strong frequency field can have an optimal intracellular effect. If the water is too saturated or completely pure, but not renatured and fully spectrally energized (A full-spectral energizing, also called revitalization, means the healing of disharmonious water through contact with different energizing technologies. If water is energetically full spectral, such as water from primeval sources, then such water has a completely active and original frequency field. In turn, naturalized means natural water that, thanks to its slight mineral saturation, has a natural resonance basis), then it also represents a burden for our organism, i.e. because such water withdraws energy from our frequency body. A completely natural water is in turn a blessing for our cells (At this point, our cell's own water, for example, is arranged hexagonally, just like in nature). It calms our system, increases our oxygen saturation, improves our body's cellular environment overall, making us less acidic and last but not least it cleanses our entire mind, body and soul system.

Healing for our cells - rejuvenation

spring water

As a result, our external appearance also becomes significantly younger and we age much more slowly, because our organism is naturally supplied with highly valuable information and a high energy density via spring water. For this reason, a primordial spring water also fundamentally expands our mind. Regardless of that one energetic full spectrum water cleanses our cells and above all our energy body of heavy energies, waste products and acids, drinking primordial spring water every day means that we take in the most natural and healing information every day. And as far as that is concerned, in the end we always draw into our lives that which in turn corresponds to our inner field. As on the inside, so on the outside. It is exactly the same as is the case with medicinal plants, for example. Anyone who consumes medicinal plants on a daily basis, in turn, absorbs the information of salvation/healing, which means that circumstances are increasingly attracted over time, which in turn are based on healing. Spring water or the energy of primordial spring water ensures that we attract circumstances that are part of our original selves (we are returned to our highest self). We increase our own frequency, bring our own system into healing and then let the frequency of originality move into our reality. Well then, ultimately it should be a fundamental part of our lives that we drink spring water or even primeval water (completely pristine water) drink. The changes are serious. Another special feature, which incidentally also occurs with frequent consumption, is the complete change in the sensory system within one's own oral cavity. Anyone who drinks primeval spring water or high-purity, renatured and fully spectrally energized water on a daily basis will automatically develop a strong sense of taste for water. Saturated or even energetically loaded water then becomes almost undrinkable over time.

Produce spring water yourself

In this context, I myself have been drinking spring water every day for a year and have not wanted to drink anything else since then, it is a true blessing and enriches my life immensely. Since we ourselves do not live directly at an untouched or even very remote spring and we have been researching in the field of water for years, we have shared ours over the years Source Diamond System developed, which produces a primary spring water quality from tap water. For this purpose, the water entering the system is first filtered to a high purity at depth, then renatured with sango and volcanic rock (Enriched with a sediment of highly bioavailable minerals) and last but not least through selected healing stones, holy ash (Agnihotra), 24k fine gold, through a force field technology (arranged in the golden section), a real vortex implosion turbulence and fully spectrally energized by a real natural diamond. And that is exactly the basic recipe for being able to produce spring water or primary spring water quality from polluted water. Filtration → Renaturation → Full Spectral Energization. So please have a look at ours Website drop by or let yourself be inspired by this information in general and build your own system. Or, depending on where you live, a primordial spring or primordial water source begins with it (far away from industry influence) in order to be able to drink such magical water every day. It will definitely change your mind. pure energy. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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