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In today's world, we have become addicted to energetically dense foods, that is, foods that are chemically contaminated. We are not used to it any differently and tend to eat too much ready-made products, fast food, sweets, foods containing gluten, glutamate and aspartame and animal proteins and fats (meat, fish, eggs, milk and co.). Even when it comes to our drink choices, we tend to tend towards soft drinks, very sugary juices (enriched with industrial sugar), milk drinks and coffee. Instead of keeping our body fit with vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, healthy oils, nuts, sprouts and water, we suffer much more from chronic poisoning/overload and thus not only favor it the emergence of physical, but mainly of mental illnesses.

The consequences of an unnatural diet

The consequences of an unnatural dietOften we don't take our own consumption too seriously and convince ourselves that the effects are minimal. This is exactly how we play down unnatural foods due to our habit and self-imposed appearance, claiming that you can treat yourself to something a few times a week and that this would not have any consequences for our health (indifferent thinking). In the same way, we often do not recognize our own addictions to such foods and convince ourselves that we simply like to eat such things. Ultimately, however, we suffer from a massive dependency and we cannot get rid of it (instead of becoming aware of a dependency, an unnatural diet is talked up nicely). The effects of all these foods (which are far from any natural state) are serious. Whether depression, too much stress (nutrition-related stress triggers), lethargy, mood swings, sleeping problems, emotional outbursts or even hot flashes, the list of symptoms triggered by an unnatural diet is almost endless. Of course, it should be said at this point that every illness is born in the mind and that an imbalanced mind is crucial to a negative state of mind. Nevertheless, diet comes into play here and favors an imbalanced mind.

Apart from an unnatural diet/lifestyle, the main cause of an illness is always in the spirit. Thus, an unbalanced mind favors the development of diseases and also strengthens food-related dependencies..!!

Conversely, an unbalanced and sham mental state causes us to choose an unnatural diet. Nevertheless, our diet is extremely important when it comes to creating a healthy physical and mental environment.

The positive effects of a natural diet

The positive effects of a natural dietIn fact, we often underestimate the effects of a natural, alkaline diet and don't understand why we suffer from certain physical imbalances. But the consequences are serious. The same applies to our overconsumption, which often occurs alongside an unnatural diet. So gluttony is anything but healthy and daily feasting, i.e. the overconsumption of sweets, sausages and co. makes us ill, reduces the development of nutritional awareness and promotes the development of a stressed physical condition. For this reason, it is also extremely inspiring when we manage to eat naturally and nip our own dependencies in the bud. Very many people often associate overcoming food-related dependencies with doing without, but it should be said that this is anything but doing without. At the end of the day it's much more of a return to natural states and after a few weeks the cravings for the appropriate foods subside. Someone who eats a completely natural diet therefore not only experiences a significantly clearer mind, experiences a sharpening of his senses, is more energetic, happier, more dynamic and more careful in dealing with himself and his fellow human beings, but over time he will also have a completely new or develop original sense of taste. Soft drinks such as cola and co. or sweets in general then just taste awful, since there are significantly more bitter receptors, as nature intended. The gustatory perception (taste sensation) changes significantly through a corresponding change in diet and you experience a “re-development” of your own sense of taste. Due to the numerous positive effects of such a diet (improvement of the sense of taste, sharpening of the senses, significant increase in one's own willpower, healthier radiance, clearer complexion, balanced mind), one will no longer miss the old, unnatural diet over time.

No disease can exist, let alone arise, in a basic and oxygen-rich cellular environment, not even cancer. For this reason, a base excess diet can work wonders..!!

Instead, one feels reborn and, for the first time, experiences a physical state free of chronic, dietary intoxication. Apart from that, you also create a physical cell environment in which diseases can no longer develop, let alone exist (Otto Warburg - No disease can exist in a basic + oxygen-rich cell environment, not even cancer). I recommend the following article to anyone who would like to know more about an alkaline or alkaline-excessive diet: With This Combination Of Cures, You Can Dissolve 99,9% Of Cancer Cells Within A Few Weeks (A Detailed Guide). In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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