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the secret power of water

Water is one of the most important elements on our planet and has several unique attributes. Water is the basis of all life and is essential for planetary and human survival. No organism can exist without water, even our earth (which is basically an organism too) could not exist without water. Apart from the fact that water sustains our life, it also has other mysterious properties Features to take advantage of.

Water responds to the power of thought

Water is a substance that can change its structural composition depending on the flow of information. This fact was discovered by the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto found out. In over tens of thousands of experiments, Emoto found out that water reacts to our thoughts and feelings and changes its structural composition as a result. Positive thoughts improved the quality of the water enormously and negative thoughts or negative influences reduced the structural quality of the water. Since our organism consists to a large extent of water, it is important that we keep our own water balance in good shape with positive thoughts. But water also has other special properties. Water is the only substance on our planet that can assume 3 states of aggregation (solid, liquid and gaseous). Water also has other fascinating properties.

Water - The secret power of water

The documentary "Water - The Secret Power of Water" deals extensively with the special properties of water. In this film, a wide variety of scientists, writers and philosophers of our time explain why water is so unique and why water is the most mysterious and at the same time most important element of our universe. Numerous experiments show in an impressive way how water reacts to various environmental influences. The film also explains why our ancestors knew about these properties and how these past cultures used the special qualities of water.

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