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In today's world, getting sick on a regular basis is normal. We humans have gotten used to it and instinctively assume that nothing can be done about it. Apart from a few preventive measures, one would be relentlessly at the mercy of certain diseases. Diseases such as cancer hit some people completely randomly and nothing could be done about that. At the end of the day, however, things look completely different. Every disease is curable, EVERY one! In order to accomplish this, however, there are a number of factors that must be met. On the one hand we have to manage to restore an inner balance, i.e. create a reality in which one is satisfied, harmonious and peaceful. The next factor is necessarily linked to this, namely a high-vibration, natural diet.

Eternal youth and health

Eternal youthIn this context, our entire existence (reality, state of consciousness, body, etc.) vibrates at a corresponding frequency. The higher the frequency, the more positive this has on our own health. A lowering of our frequency in turn damages our own health and contaminates our energetic/subtle body. For this reason, the main goal is to realize a continuously high vibration state. In order to achieve this, a natural diet is extremely important. This includes feeding food whose vibration frequency is fundamentally high. Vegetables, fruit, legumes, natural oils, natural/energized water or, on the whole, untreated and fresh foods are included here. Chemically treated foods, finished products, fast food, animal products, soft drinks and co. in turn have a very low vibration frequency from the ground up and therefore significantly impair the development of our own mind. They lower our own vibrational frequency, worsen our state of mind and cloud our own state of consciousness. If you manage to eat naturally on a long-term basis, it will greatly boost your mental state.

A natural diet can work wonders, it cleanses our mind and inspires our external appearance..!!

You become more alive, more energetic, more sensitive, have more life energy and can think much more clearly. At the same time, a natural diet also changes your own external appearance in the long term. Overall, you appear significantly fitter, more dynamic and younger.

The higher your own state of consciousness vibrates, the clearer our mind, our thinking and ultimately our entire life becomes..!!

It is even possible to completely reverse your own aging process up to a certain ideal age. But this again goes in the direction of – “mastery of one's own incarnation". Well, ultimately you can fight any disease effectively with a natural/alkaline diet. No disease can arise, let alone exist, in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cell environment. Your own cell milieu is in balance (no hyperacidity and the like) and there is almost nothing standing in the way of eternal health.

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