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In today's world, many films have parallels to the current spiritual awakening. This quantum leap into awakening and a person's true mental abilities are presented in an individual way, sometimes very obviously, but sometimes more subtly. For this reason, in the last few days I have watched a few Star Wars films again (Episodes 3+4). The Star Wars films were a constant companion in my childhood/youth. At some point I no longer had these films on my screen, but now the whole thing has caught up with me again. I was increasingly confronted with these films in my reality and so I watched my two favorite parts again. I was once again able to notice some fascinating parallels to current world events. In particular, some Yoda quotes really surprised me in this context. So I would like to address one of these quotes in this article, let’s go.

The fear of loss is a path to the dark side

Anakin dark sideTo explain the whole thing again briefly, episode 3 is about the young Jedi Anakin Skywalker, who allows himself to be seduced by the Dark Side of the Force and because of this loses everything, his wife, his friends, mentors and original ideals. He becomes more confused throughout and allows himself to be manipulated by the powerful Sith Lord Darth Sidious. The main reason for the manipulation is his fear of loss. He repeatedly has terrible visions and dreams about the supposed death of his beloved wife Padmé. Since he is internally convinced that these visions could come true, he finally seeks advice from the Jedi Master Yoda.

You always attract into your life what your state of consciousness predominantly resonates with..!!

He immediately recognizes his inner imbalance, his pull towards the dark side of power and therefore gives him valuable advice on his way: the fear of loss is a path to the dark side. At that moment, Anakin didn't seem to really understand what Yoda meant by that quote.

The fear of losing a loved one can ultimately lead to exactly that loss..!!

Ultimately, this answer was very wise and embodied an important principle. If you are afraid of losing someone close to you, for example your own parents or even your own girlfriend/boyfriend, then this fear is a result of your ego and could ultimately lead to this fear becoming a reality (you choose that into your life, what you are completely convinced of, what corresponds to your own thoughts and beliefs).

Ego or soul, you decide

LossAnakin, in turn, did not listen to the Jedi Master and therefore continued to live in fear of losing his wife. Because of this fear, he subsequently made a pact with the Dark Lord. This seduced him to the dark side of the force by telling him that with the help of the dark side of the force, loved ones can be saved from death. Ultimately, Anakin went against his own friends and mentors, but lost everything as a result. He acted out of selfish/dark principles and subsequently succumbed to a fight with his mentor. He sustained massive burns from the fight and was completely disfigured/crippled. Before that, he strangled his wife, who then lost consciousness and died after giving birth.

Anakin's fear of loss was the pull to the dark side, the pull of the egoistic mind..!!

She lost her will to live because she couldn't cope with Anakin joining the dark side. So in the end, Anakin lost his wife, his kind-hearted side (temporarily, see Episode 6), his mentor, and everything that had ever meant anything to him. The price of the dark side, of the egoistic mind, is just high. This scenario can therefore be wonderfully transferred to us humans.

The ego ultimately represents the dark side of every person, but how you deal with it is ultimately up to each person..!!

We humans wrestle with our own egos over and over again and are torn between emotional and egoistic actions. The more we act from our own ego mind, the more we attract situations and circumstances into our lives that are characterized by negativity. For example, if one partner in a relationship constantly lives in fear of losing their partner, then this fear ultimately leads to losing their partner.

Your consciousness works like a magnet, it attracts into your life what it predominantly resonates with..!!

You no longer live in the now, you are no longer in the power of love, but you act out of an idea you have created yourself, an idea in which you could lose your partner. The consciousness is constantly in resonance with loss. The result is irrational actions that ultimately “drive away” your partner. You can't keep this fear to yourself. At some point, your own fears of loss are transferred to your own partner, for example through jealousy or even fear. The whole thing is then transferred more and more strongly to your own partner, until your partner can no longer bear it and would leave you. Therefore, pay attention to your own thoughts and, above all, observe your own fears. The more you stand in your own center, in your own mental balance, in the power of your love, the more you attract circumstances into your life that are accompanied by abundance and harmony. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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