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The fractal geometry of nature is a geometry that refers to forms and patterns occurring in nature that can be mapped in infinity. They are abstract patterns made up of smaller and larger patterns. Forms that are almost identical in their structural design and can be continued indefinitely. They are patterns that, due to their infinite representation, represent an image of the ubiquitous natural order. In this context, one often speaks of the so-called fractality.

Fractal geometry of nature

The fractality describes the special property of matter and energy to be expressed in always the same, repetitive forms and patterns on all existing planes of existence. The fractal geometry of nature was discovered and justified in the 80s by the pioneering and future-oriented mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot with the help of an IBM computer. Using an IBM computer, Mandelbrot visualized an equation repeated a million times over. He found that the resulting graphics represented structures and patterns found in nature. This realization was a sensation at the time.

Before Mandelbrot was discovered, all renowned mathematicians assumed that complex natural structures such as the structure of a tree, the structure of a mountain or even the structural composition of a blood vessel could not be calculated, since such structures are exclusively the result of chance. Thanks to Mandelbrot, however, this view changed fundamentally. At that time, mathematicians and scientists had to recognize that nature follows a consistent plan, a higher order, and that all natural patterns can be calculated mathematically. For this reason, fractal geometry can also be described as a kind of modern sacred geometry. After all, it is a form of geometry that can be used to calculate natural patterns that represent an image of all of creation.

Accordingly, classical sacred geometry joins this new mathematical discovery, for sacred geometric patterns are part of the fractal geometry of nature due to their perfectionistic and repetitive representation. In this context there is also an exciting documentation in which fractals are examined in detail and in detail. In the documentary "Fractals - The Fascination of the Hidden Dimension" Manelbrot's discovery is explained in detail and it is shown in a simple way how fractal geometry revolutionized the world at that time. A documentary that I can only recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about this mysterious world.

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