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We live in an age in which stress plays an increasingly important role. Due to our meritocracy and the associated pressure that weighs on us, all the electrosmog, our unhealthy lifestyle (unnatural diet - mostly meat, finished products, food that has been chemically contaminated - no alkaline diet), the addiction to recognition, financial wealth , status symbols, luxury (materially oriented world view - from which a materially oriented reality then arises) + addiction to other diverse substances, dependencies on partners/jobs and many other reasons, Many people suffer from daily stress and put a strain on their own minds every day.

How stress negatively affects one's mind

How stress negatively affects one's mindBut stress has a massive impact on our own mind, on our own physical constitution, which over time puts a lot of strain on our own body. Daily stress, i.e. overtaxing our own mind + the subsequent emergence of many negative thoughts, which in turn are legitimized in our own mind, are, apart from a few other factors (early childhood trauma - unnatural diet/unhealthy lifestyle), crucial for the development of illnesses. If we are stressed every day, can hardly switch off, are always under pressure and are therefore often irritated, annoyed or even very disharmonious, then we end up overloading our own subtle body. Ultimately, this creates an energetic contamination, our chakras (energy vortices/centers, interfaces between energy and matter, or rather between energy that vibrates at low or high frequencies - matter is condensed energy, energetic states that vibrate at a low frequency ) are slowed down in the spin, corresponding physical areas can no longer be adequately supplied with life energy (this primal energy is also referred to in many different treatises, writings and traditions as Qi, Orgone, Kundalini, free energy, zero point energy, torus, Akasha, Ki, Od , breath or ether), their energetic flow comes to a standstill and our own physical one Body must then deal with this energetic contamination.

The nature of our own mind is crucial to our own health. Too much stress or negative thoughts, which in turn are legitimized in your own mind, are real vibration killers..!!

This usually leads to a weakening of our own immune system, the condition of our cell environment deteriorates, our DNA is damaged and overall our body's own functionalities are disrupted, depending on the degree of our own psychological overload.

Harmonic Thought Spectrum

Harmonic Thought SpectrumAt the end of the day, daily stress is a real vibration killer for this reason. Ultimately what this means is that the predominant legitimation of negative thoughts in one's own mind severely impairs/lowers the vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness. In this context, a negatively aligned mind also creates low frequencies, which ultimately condenses our own energetic state. Remedy, or rather relief, can only take place if we manage to break out of our daily vicious cycle. For our own health it is extremely important to create a positive, harmonious, peaceful and, above all, unbiased spectrum of thoughts and emotions. The more positive convictions and beliefs we realize in our own state of consciousness, the more positive we are in our overall mood, the higher the frequency of our own state of consciousness will vibrate, which is ultimately of utmost importance for our own prosperity. We also cannot create a completely happy and healthy life if we keep thinking about negative thoughts, if we keep getting trapped in self-imposed vicious cycles and thus permanently remain in a low vibrational environment. In this regard, we only block the development of our own empathic, sensitive and spiritual abilities and do not manage to live in complete freedom. In this regard, freedom is like everything in life, even just a state of consciousness, a spirit from which a positive + free reality emerges. People here also like to talk about a reality in which one is no longer subject to constraints, fears and other negative thoughts, a reality in which one no longer allows oneself to be dominated by self-created dependencies and has once again attracted complete happiness and health into one's own life .

Because of the law of resonance, we always attract the things into our lives that correspond to the frequency of our own energetic state. You always attract what you are and what you radiate into your own life..!!

In this regard, like always attracts like, energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. A negative mind only attracts further negativity or negative life circumstances, a positive mind only attracts further positivity or positive life circumstances. That is why it is very important for our own prosperity to create a life again in which we are no longer subject to excessive stress or other psychological burdens. Only then will it be possible again to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas . Finally, I can only share an interesting quote from Albert Einstein that illustrates this principle of positive attraction: “Everything is energy and that is everything. Align the frequency with the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics." In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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