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For several years, the fatal effects of electrosmog on one's own health have been made public more and more. Electrosmog is closely linked to various illnesses, sometimes even to the development of serious illnesses. In exactly the same way, electrosmog also has a very negative influence on our own psyche. Excessive stress can even cause depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other mental disorders for that matter trigger diseases or even massively promote their development.

Mental overload – anxiety states

electrosmogIn this context, the natural value of microwatts per square meter was clearly exceeded years ago. So the natural value is 0,000001 microwatts per square meter. In the meantime, however, the value has already been exceeded immeasurably. A few years ago, the limit for the umts network was set at 10 million microwatts. A value that is extremely high compared to the naturally occurring value and even exceeds it by a trillion times. The limit for LTE is just as full 4,5 million microwatts per square meter. As far as that is concerned, there are hardly any places nowadays that are not affected by electrosmog. The places to be found in Germany where dead spots exist are hardly there anymore. This can be attributed to all the cell phone systems, of which more and more have been built for some time. In Germany, there are an estimated 260.000 thousand cellphone systems + 100 million cellphones (older status), in the meantime, of course, there have been significantly more. In this context, my brother and I also noticed the significant expansion of mobile phone systems in our city. The effects of the resulting electrosmog can no longer be swept under the carpet. People, especially sensitive people, develop countless mental illnesses as a result of constant stress. Whether this results in anxiety attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression or even an increased potential for aggression, the fatal effects of electrosmog on our health can no longer be denied. In exactly the same way, electrosmog is also strongly associated with cancer and even erectile dysfunction.

Electrosmog is also often referred to as DOR energy (deadly orgone). In contrast, there is also the POR energy (positive orgone). In today's world, the burden of DOR energy is extremely high, which in turn favors the development of countless diseases..!!

Incidentally, all of the aforementioned clinical pictures have also occurred much more frequently in recent years, just by the way. Well, since this topic is becoming more and more relevant, I have selected a very interesting documentation for you, in which the fatal effects of electrosmog on our health are described in detail. The documentation is a bit older, but still very interesting and should definitely be seen by everyone. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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