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State of consciousness

As already mentioned in one of my last articles, the last few days have been very insightful and exciting for me personally. So, after ages, I once again dealt intensively with completely new topics and aspects of this world and came to groundbreaking self-discoveries. In doing so, I revised some of my own beliefs and integrated new views into my worldview. At the same time, this also gave rise to some new questions and somehow since then I have the feeling that my own mind is currently experiencing an enormous upheaval. A lot of new things have now opened up to me and it feels as if I'm on the trail of an even greater world deception/self-deception. It may sound crazy, but what is currently happening is simply overwhelming.

Things continue to be stormy

Things continue to be stormy

I haven't had a feeling like this for many years, that is, the feeling as if completely new worlds were opening up to me. The last time I experienced such a change was about 3 years ago, a phase in which I came to terms with my own origins for the very first time and came to greater self-knowledge. At that time I simply experienced this unknown but somehow familiar feeling, I had this feeling that there was much more to life. That's exactly how I realized back then that we as humans are being led to believe a lot, that we live in an illusory world in which our own minds are kept small with a flood of disinformation and half-truths. As a result, I dealt with a wide variety of topics for years, studied my own mind and system, questioned a lot of things, formed new beliefs and thus created a completely new world view. After all these years, at some point there was a certain standstill again. Of course, during this time I continued to experience new self-knowledge and expand my own horizons. However, this no longer happened to anywhere near the extent that it did in the early days and very abstract-sounding topics that I was still barely familiar with up to that point did not receive my full focus, which meant that I did not have a well-founded opinion on them could form.

In the last few days I have been constantly dealing with countless new theories and thus opening my mind to new worlds, to new worlds of other people's thoughts..!!

But a few days ago I was confronted with an incredible amount of knowledge and new views about the world and gave it my full attention. Since then, I have done a lot of research and read/watched everything possible about the true background of this world, thought about it a lot, philosophized a lot, questioned my own views a lot and, apart from that, dealt with the most exciting or “abstract” theories (sometimes not just theories, but facts).

Everything is changing – what is happening?

Everything is changing - what is happening?As far as this is concerned, I also announced that I would address a few topics here on the blog and then philosophize about them together with you. So I wanted to deal with the NASA topic first, because I am now not only convinced of it, but I know that NASA (I'll mention it again, NASA means deception in Hebrew) has all the ISS recordings, i.e. alleged astronauts in space stations float around and suggest to us that they are in space, that they are fake. All of these recordings (like the alleged moon landing) were taken here on Earth, in studios. The entire internet is also full of videos in which countless errors are revealed, videos that show how shots of the Earth and ISS astronauts are created using green screen, CGI and other film techniques. Believe me, there are so many countless errors when it comes to these ISS recordings that there is no longer any doubt that these recordings are faked (astronauts are actors). Lies just have short legs in the long run, the truth cannot stay hidden forever and that's how these mistakes arise from time to time. In other words, CGI generated water drops, air bubbles in space, moments in which the apparent weightlessness stopped and the astronauts fell at accelerated speed - during supposed feats, moments in which a time delay was suggested to us, other moments in which they forgot this and directly interacted with people on Earth via video transmission, astronauts who, despite this supposed delay, responded immediately to reactions from the live audience. Threads that in turn pulled shirts up slightly and made it clear that, like in Hollywood films, they were attached to wafer-thin ropes (which were only retouched away), an astronaut who accidentally admitted while telling his story that he was on Earth an astronaut who interacted with a drop of water, which was later revealed to be CGI on a screen during a tour of NASA headquarters, and so on.

The extent of the illusory world on this planet is gigantic, much larger than any single person can imagine. The deception is huge..!!

There are so many anomalies, so many errors, so many discrepancies that one cannot speak of coincidences here (as we all know, there are no coincidences anyway/cause and effect - by the way, the same can also be applied to alleged satellite images of the earth - but more on that soon more), but has to admit that NASA is falsifying all the recordings, deceiving us or making us believe something. Well, what I actually wanted to get at (I got off topic again) is that I wanted to write a detailed section about all of this in detail + of course also the questions that arise from it. However, things turned out differently and I found myself continuing to absorb countless amounts of this new information and then dealing with it. It doesn't stop anywhere and my thirst for knowledge has increased immeasurably. I never thought that such an intense time would come again, even though it makes me very happy somewhere. For this reason, the current time is extremely stormy + turbulent. So much is happening and the new phase that began a few weeks ago is definitely noticeable on all levels of existence. I'm also curious as to where this will all lead, but one thing is definitely certain.

The peoples of the earth are increasingly awakening from their sleep and are now beginning to achieve even deeper self-knowledge. More and more truths will therefore now shape the coming time and the collective state of consciousness will experience an expansion/expansion that has never been seen before..!!

The ice for the elites of this world is becoming thinner, more and more truths are coming to light and the illusionary world that has been built around our minds is now beginning to crumble even more than ever before. The next few weeks and months will definitely continue to raise the collective state of consciousness and catapult us humans to a completely new level. The golden age is getting closer and closer in this regard and we can be curious to see what direction all of this will develop in the near future. For my part, I will continue to bathe in this wave of revelation and continue to deal with all of these topics, and will continue to question/explore the world + the mechanisms associated with it. In the next few days I will address many exciting topics here on this blog and philosophize with you about all of this, that's for sure. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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