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The human body is a complex and sensitive organism that reacts strongly to all material and immaterial influences. Smaller negative influences are enough to throw our organism out of balance. One aspect would be negative thoughts, for example, which not only weaken our immune system, but also have a very negative impact on our organs, cells and overall on our body's biochemistry, even on our DNA (Essentially even negative thoughts are the cause of every disease). For this reason, the development of diseases can occur extremely quickly. Negative thoughts and the resulting unnatural diet, for example, reduce the potential or the development of our own self-healing powers and, in the long run, trigger chronic poisoning that can leave behind severe cell damage.

The potential of self-healing

Self-healing powersIn today's world, for that matter, most people suffer from chronic self-inflicted poisoning. Aside from what we live in a cold performance society, in which a wonderful breeding ground is created for our egoistic mind (a negative/materially oriented state of consciousness), most people feed themselves predominantly on chemically contaminated food. Be it countless ready-made products, fast food, soft drinks, instant sauces, fluoride-enriched water, pesticide-treated vegetables and fruit, etc., we humans poison ourselves every day, thereby reducing the potential of our own self-healing powers and thus blocking an increase in the vibrational frequency of our own state of consciousness. The result is a clouded and, above all, overburdened spirit, which shifts all its energetic impurities onto the physical body, to which the body reacts extremely sensitively. After a few decades, one often even experiences a feeling of indifference. You accept the situation as it is and think that it would all be too late anyway, that you would have to come to terms with your own fate and that the body as a whole would no longer be able to regenerate anyway. But this is ultimately a mistake. No matter what situation you are in, no matter how old you are and no matter what ailment you have, you can immediately reverse this process of chronic poisoning. Everyone can heal themselves in this context. Exactly one can reverse the body's own poisoning through a healthy lifestyle, through a natural diet.

The body's own regenerative powers are enormous, so you could free yourself from all diseases and other ailments within a few years, even within a few months..!!

In this regard, your own body renews itself every second. No body cell is older than 11 months, except teeth and certain bone parts. In this context, our liver renews or regenerates itself every 6 weeks. 1 – 7 billion liver cells renew themselves per second, our kidneys renew themselves every 8 weeks, our lungs renew themselves every 8 months (assuming a natural lifestyle + a positive thought spectrum + sufficient exercise, even long-time smokers do not have to wait 7 years to get all getting rid of impurities), every 4 weeks our entire skin has renewed itself and every 24 - 72 hours our mucous membranes need to be completely renewed / regenerated. The body's own regeneration/self-healing powers are enormous for this reason.

Use the potential of your body's own self-healing powers and create a body that is free of any poisoning..!!

For this reason, when we humans liberate ourselves from our self-imposed intoxication and begin to eat a completely natural/alkaline diet again, we can liberate ourselves from all physical illnesses and ailments. We have very strong regenerative powers and can use them again at any time, anywhere due to our own creative powers. Ultimately it is up to us whether we use these powers or whether we continue to legitimize chronic poisoning in our own mind. You always have a choice. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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