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Energetic influences

Starting tomorrow the time has come and a new month arrives. Compared to the rather stormy month of January, February could be a bit calmer, as it brings us energetic influences that represent calm and balance. Likewise, our own spiritual maturity could be in the foreground this month, which is why it is thoroughly a month in which we increasingly step out of current structures could act out (work harmoniously within the present).

A stormy start

A stormy startAs already mentioned, the month of January was rather stormy. The first few weeks of the year were accompanied by countless appointments, inconveniences, errands and other sometimes stressful moments. The weather was also very crazy (due to natural and unnatural/machine-made circumstances - cosmic change/geoengineering) and we were hit by storm Burglind on the one hand and storm Friederike on the other. At the same time, we also received some hailstorms and, to my surprise, some thunderstorms. Otherwise, the month was marked by upheaval and a lot happened behind the scenes (especially at political levels). Last but not least, the month ended with an extremely powerful full moon event. Things won't be quite as stormy in February. Of course, in the first 3 days of the new month the influences of the full moon (Blood moon eclipse, blue moon, super moon) affect us, which is why the beginning can be quite stormy. After that it will definitely be a little quieter again.

Despite a relatively stormy start, the month of February as a whole represents calm, balance and mental clarity, which is why we could definitely recharge our batteries for the manifestation of new circumstances during this time..!!

In this context, from an astrological point of view, the stars are in a good position and we don't get too many conflicting constellations (it only gets a little chaotic towards the end).

A month of rest?

A month of rest?Otherwise, only a few portal days reach us (days on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us and access to our own inner source can be more present), to be precise three, on the 07th - 08th - and on the 28th, which is why February will once again end with a powerful day. Otherwise, it's worth noting that this year Chinese New Year falls on February 16th, marking the start of the Year of the Earth Dog. Since the earth element has been in the foreground since December 17, 2017 (previously it was the water element for 10 years - emotional topics), this circumstance complements each other perfectly. Manifestation and creativity are therefore still in the foreground (although this also applies to the coming years. The realization of a new self, the manifestation of a truth that will free our spirit and bring the pseudo-political system to “collapse”/force change) . One day before the Chinese New Year, a new moon reaches us in the zodiac sign Aquarius, which means the realization of new living conditions. This new moon also represents our intuitive abilities and can be very fruitful/thriving (by the way, we don't have a full moon this month). Ultimately, this month represents our own spiritual maturity, clarity, calm and balance. In this context, the first two and a half weeks of February are still part of the winter rest phase, which is why the focus until then is on manifesting/maintaining a calm mental state (until February 16th).

Since the month of February is accompanied by energetic influences, which in turn represent clarity, balance, calm and maturity, we could experience a living situation that is generally more relaxed..!!

Then it's about sowing new foundations for life, a circumstance that can still be accompanied by our inner peace. It's just a relatively relaxed month that's all about peace, mental clarity and maturity. Of course, it should be said at this point that conflicts could also arise this month (at the end of the day everything always depends on the use of our own mental abilities. We decide whether our day is accompanied by peace or chaos), but there are the predominant energetic influences are of a calmer nature. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Energies in February Source: http://www.werwillfindetwege.de/die-energien-im-februar-2018-ueberwiegend-freundlich

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