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Yesterday's full moon (11.02.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX) in Leo was accompanied by a massive energetic increase, which in turn has a strong impact on our current state of consciousness. In this context, new or full moon phases always have a strong influence on our psyche. The full moon is always associated with abundance and, due to its strong vibrational frequencies, can have an inspiring influence on our mental state. On the other hand, a full moon can also transport karmic entanglements and mental problems, which may even be deeply anchored in our subconscious, into our day consciousness. Yesterday's full moon, which even went hand in hand with a lunar eclipse, triggered strong inner liberation processes and was able to steer our personal mental/emotional transformation in new, positive directions.

Full Moon in Leo

Full moonThe world is changing, in a quantum leap into awakening and therefore there are always stormy moments due to strong inflowing vibrational frequencies that reach our consciousness in phases. Days when we may feel extremely tired, exhausted, or even depressed. In the same way, on such days we are often confronted with internal conflicts/problems that still exist. These inner conflicts, which can be traced back to various traumas or mental wounds, no longer conform to the high vibrational frequencies, because they are structurally based on low vibrational frequencies (put simply: low frequencies - negativity, high frequencies - positivity). All thoughts/actions/emotions, which are based on low vibrational frequencies, will gradually be eliminated due to the transition to the 5th dimension (5th dimension = state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts are present - love/harmony/peace). vibrates us humans.
Humanity is adjusting to the high vibrational frequencies, prompting us again to stand more in our own self-love..!!
There is an adjustment to the high vibrational frequencies, which in turn offers less and less room for negativity of any kind to develop. In the current year 2017, we are already in an advanced stage of spiritual awakening and in this context we repeatedly reach vibration frequencies of the highest intensity, which accelerate our own change.
The day before yesterday's full moon triggered a strong energetic wave, which in turn had an inspiring influence on the collective consciousness..!!
The full moon of the day before yesterday triggered a real energetic boost, which has had a drastic influence on the further development of the collective state of consciousness. The collective state of consciousness is subject to permanent expansion and countless influences. On the one hand, our thoughts and emotions flow into this intelligent spirit, on the other hand, the high vibrational frequencies gradually unfold the potential of this overarching state of consciousness.

Liberation processes and chances of transformation

Lunar eclipseAt the time of the full moon or lunar eclipse, the sun was opposite the moon and thus revealed higher emotional responses related to interpersonal relationships and partnership bonds. In exactly the same way, the high vibration frequencies triggered by the full moon in Leo led to the liberation processes being initiated more intensively again. Above all, it is about inner liberation processes, about letting go of various mental problems, possibly even about letting go of old karmic patterns, possibly even situations with which we have not yet been able to come to an end. We are therefore now increasingly able to free ourselves from our self-created inner imbalance in order to be able to lead a life in balance and harmony again on the basis of this. For this reason, the current days offer optimal opportunities for transformation. If we get involved with this high level of cosmic radiation, then we can definitely expect a drastic expansion of our own state of consciousness, an increase in our own sensitive abilities, which not least in turn have a massive influence on our emotional connection.
The current high-frequency days favor the connection to our own mental mind..!!
Our soul develops more and more from the shadows that our egoistic mind has cast on it for years. Let us now free ourselves from our own base ambitions and use our own mental faculties to create a life according to our own heart's desires. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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