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The second new moon this year brings with it a stormy week, an energetic high with no end in sight as of this writing. This new moon is in the zodiac sign Pisces and for some people heralds the completion of old thought patterns, thoughts from which we may have drawn a great deal of suffering in the past. On the other hand, this new moon in Pisces heralds the beginning of something new. The influence of this moon is therefore extremely effective in parallel with the still high incoming vibrational frequencies and can ultimately accelerate our own quantum leap into awakening enormously if we open ourselves to this change.

New Moon in Pisces (Time to Let Go)

New Moon in Pisces

Since the newly begun Age of Aquarius, which ushered in the ascension into a new, spiritually advanced society, more and more people have become aware of their own spiritual potential. This is exactly how this newly started one initiated cosmic cycle, a drastic awakening of our own psychic mind. In this context, the soul represents our true I, our sensitive, harmonious, empathetic, loving, peaceful aspect of our own reality (everyone is the creator of their own reality). One also likes to speak of a 5th dimensional, high-vibration structure (5th dimension = high state of consciousness, in/from which positive thoughts are primarily created/realized). Our own spiritual mind keeps asking us to let go of old, enduring patterns/thoughts from which we draw our suffering.

Humans tend to leave their current state by getting lost in negative past or future patterns..!!

We humans like to lose ourselves in our own problems, worry about the future, even fear it, or we sink into feelings of guilt, feel guilty about past situations in which we supposedly did something wrong. In the same way, we like to fall into the power games of our own egoistic mind (ego = 3rd dimensional, lower mind).

The present is an eternally expansive moment that has always been, is, and always will be..!!

In doing so, however, we lose the ability to consciously live in the here and now. The past and the future do not exist, at least not in the conventional sense. Ultimately, both tenses are merely constructs of our own mental imagination. The only thing that permanently exists and is present is the present, that so-called NOW. An eternally expansive moment that has always been, is, and always will be.

Get rid of the old, embrace the new

Let go of the oldSince the newly started cosmic cycle, our earth has continuously increased its own vibration frequency and is thus evolving into a 5-dimensional, high-frequency planet. For this reason, the human vibration frequency adapts to this drastic increase in frequency, which means that we humans are once again confronted with our own primal fears, open mental wounds, trauma, mental problems and karmic baggage in a tough way. In this respect, we are asked by the universe itself to open ourselves to these mental/spiritual problems, these energetically dense patterns, to become aware of them again, in order to be able to achieve a higher state of consciousness on the basis of them. A 5th dimensional state of consciousness that will ultimately represent our new foundation and is based on positive values ​​at its core. In order to create such a state of consciousness, however, it is imperative to let go of everything that has previously stood in the way of realizing such a positive spectrum of thoughts, because all our negative thoughts, ambitions and emotions reduce our own vibrational frequency. However, the high-frequency earth offers less and less space for thoughts based on low frequencies.

Overcoming fear and other negative patterns is imperative to mastering the current vibrational adjustment..!!

Only when we overcome our own fears and manage to let go of them will we be able to create a harmonious state of consciousness again. This step is therefore unavoidable and essential. In particular, fear of loss dominates the minds of many people. However, the fear of loss is always accompanied by a decrease in our own level of consciousness and is part of our own residual darkness, a mechanism of our own egoistic mind.

Yesterday's new moon created a basis with which we can let go of the old and receive the new..!!

However, the new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces has now created a perfect energetic basis to master all these self-created mental problems. New perspectives open up to us and a rebirth can be initiated on all levels of existence. The energetic high will still exist for quite a while, and will even experience further increases (tomorrow's portal day). For this reason, we should make use of these powerful energies in order to massively develop our own mental potential. We are now in a phase of reorientation, we can close ourselves off to the new, i.e. remain at our current level of consciousness, or accept this phase of reorientation, welcome it and give our life a new shine. At the end of the day it depends on each person. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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