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The fact that humanity has been in a tremendous process of awakening for several years and that more and more systems and circumstances have been questioned should no longer be a secret in itself. Likewise, it should no longer be surprising that due to this collective advancement, more and more people are exploring their own spiritual ground and consequently reaching life-changing insights into their own reality, (their) creation and life itself.

The current transformation of our hearts

The current transformation of our heartsDue to an associated planetary frequency increase, it is seething on all levels of existence and one can literally feel that our civilization is about to undergo a major change or, better said, such a major change is already in full swing. This change, one could also speak of a global upheaval, will transport our civilization into a completely new age, i.e. into a new world in which not only the current system will have completely disappeared (changed) (and we humans will be in harmony with nature, the world and life exist), but also the hatred, anger and darkness from people's hearts. Ultimately, this is also one of the biggest problems, which is becoming more and more apparent in the current change, but on the other hand is increasingly recognized and redeemed, because what limits our own horizon the most, what burdens our organism the most and parallel to that for Responsible for suffering are closed hearts, destructive spirits, from which a "dark reality" emerges (which does not mean that a person with an open heart cannot feel any suffering). The fact is that a tremendous purification process is currently taking place, through which we gradually recognize our own disharmonious imaginary patterns, experience them and subsequently transform them (donate no more energy to them). This process is unavoidable and represents a key with which we can manifest a new life, led in peace, love and gratitude. Of course, it is also a fact that there are still many people who do not want to know anything about all this and also lead a life in darkness (and make polaritarian experiences - which is also important for our own further development). Basically, I still do this myself, i.e. I still experience life situations in which I give in to various inner conflicts, which prevent the light from fully manifesting.

Judgments, exclusions and blasphemies are a big problem in our world today. Ultimately, in appropriate moments, we focus our attention on creating a disharmonious circumstance and, at the same time, limit our own horizons..!!

For me, for example, it is a lifestyle that fluctuates back and forth between natural and unnatural (a liberation from old conditioning and habits). Nevertheless, I have learned one thing in recent years and that is that when we legitimize inner resentment, especially resentment towards other people or even certain circumstances in our own minds, for example, this can stand in the way of our own development the most. For this reason, I have often pointed out that it makes no sense to curse or hate the NWO or the NWO's backers (even if initial “anger” is certainly understandable).

The subtle war is coming to a head

TransformationThere is no point in pointing the finger at these people and blaming them for the current planetary circumstance, because at the end of the day we are not creating peace (which does not mean that this circumstance is not important to point out). Peace comes much more from within us, embodying the peace that we want for this world. The same applies to personal judgments and exclusions. Especially on the Internet, other people's ideas are often attacked massively and other people's reality is laughed at. The darkness is still present in the hearts/minds of some people. It is just a war that is taking place on a subtle level. It's about our hearts, about attempts to contain the light and love. Shadows should prevail and not the light of our souls. We are heading towards a climax because more and more people are not only recognizing the NWO situation, but also their own judgments and destructive views. Ultimately, this is also very important, i.e. curbing our own judgments and our own discredits towards other people. Of course, it is not always easy for us, because we are shown such thoughts/behavior patterns and the corresponding mechanisms have been created not only by society itself, but also through mass media. Through the word "conspiracy theoryFor example, system-critical content is exposed to ridicule and some people then adopt corresponding views. As a result, you then denigrate views/knowledge that do not correspond to your own worldview. But if we ourselves smile at other people for their individual views (which then also leads to an internally accepted exclusion of these people), possibly even become condescending, then we keep our hearts closed and also legitimize a shadowy state in our own mind. For this reason, the heart is key when it comes to creating an unbiased and peaceful reality.

Look inside. There is the fountain of good that never stops gushing unless you stop digging. – Marcus Aurelius..!!

Ultimately, this is also something that the elites fear, i.e. a spiritually free humanity that is harmonious, peaceful and full of love. Shadows and fears should rule in our hearts/heads instead of light and love. However, even if precarious circumstances continue to prevail and there are shadows, this should not make us doubt. The circumstance will change, yes, it is changing, even right now, as you read this article. Over the next few years, love will return to our hearts little by little and it will then only be a matter of time before a peaceful revolution unites us Golden age will transport. As has often been mentioned, this process is unavoidable due to very special cosmic circumstances and will therefore happen 100% of the time. It is foreseen for this time, which is why we can consider ourselves lucky to have chosen this incarnation. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Sandradevi 4. April 2019, 13: 40

      Thank you for the true words you write and your sensitivity

    Sandradevi 4. April 2019, 13: 40

    Thank you for the true words you write and your sensitivity