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Each season is unique in its own way. Each season has its own charm and just as much its own profound meaning. In this regard, winter is a rather quiet season, heralding both the end and the new beginning of a year and possessing a fascinating, magical aura. As for me personally, I've always been someone who finds winter very special. There's something mystical, graceful, even nostalgic about winter, and every year as fall ends and wintertime begins, I get a very familiar, "time-travelling" feeling. I'm very attracted to winter and it's a wonderful place to reflect on my own life. A special time of the year, which I will now describe in more detail in the following section.

Winter - the end and beginning of a new era

winter-magic-timeWinter is the coldest time of the year and, due to its nostalgic atmosphere, lets us sink into dreams. When the wind has carried the leaves down from the trees, the days are shorter, the nights are longer, nature, trees, plants and wildlife have withdrawn, a time of introspection begins. Because of the natural cold inherent in winter, winter therefore metaphorically represents a contracting season. Everything contracts during this time, retreats, whether it is a few mammals that go into hibernation on the one hand, insects that in turn seek shelter in wood crevices, tree holes, or inside the earth, or even humans who much prefers to withdraw at this time of year, relax at home and spend quiet time with the family. For this reason, winter is a special time for introspection and is perfect for dealing with your own inner world. In winter we withdraw and therefore gather energy for the coming seasons. We return to ourselves, bundle our strength and enter a phase of energetic charging.

The relationship with oneself can be deepened in winter..!!

The relationship with oneself comes first here. This inner bond can get out of balance over the course of a year and should therefore be brought back into balance at the end of the year, in the winter time. In addition, winter is also perfect for recognizing one's own shadow parts, i.e. negative mental patterns that are anchored in our subconscious, and secondly for being able to remove them (the restructuring of our subconscious - realignment of our mental state). Since the days are shorter in winter, the nights are longer and we have less daylight available, we are also asked in this way to look inward and avert our eyes from the outside.

Winter is asking us to finally end old stages of life..!!

Since less daylight is available, this could also be equated symbolically with a worsening of visibility. Our view is clouded by the prevailing darkness of the day and in this regard it is important to rediscover the light in oneself, to let inner love sprout again. Because of the end of the year and the beginning of a new one in winter, winter is also an ideal time to close out old chapters of life and patterns. This time of year is just as suitable for reviewing your own life. You can look back on the year and see where you might not have been able to develop further and thus have the chance to draw new strength to finally be able to let these developments run free.

Use your collected energy to welcome new things - to build new ones..!!

With the subsequent new beginning of the year, we are also asked to accept new things, to welcome new stages of life. Old times are over and belong to the past. New times are beginning and we humans can use the newly collected energies to move powerfully into new phases of life. Say goodbye to the old and welcome a new era, that is, a time when your inner light can once again illuminate the darkest of nights. Winter is therefore a very powerful time of year and should definitely be used in order to be able to recognize and fully exploit your own potential. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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