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For 1-2 weeks we have been in an energetic high, which in turn is the result of strong vibrational frequencies that come directly from our galactic center (central sun). There is no end in sight in this respect, on the contrary, the energetic influences are currently becoming more and more intense and, as already mentioned in my last new moon article, transport all negative thoughts, unresolved conflicts and other traumatic experiences into our day-to-day consciousness. In exactly the same way, many people are still in a phase of reorientation, feeling a strong inner urge for freedom that absolutely wants to be lived. The prerequisites for putting such a project into practice are still present and we can therefore expect further exciting weeks, accompanied by a spirit of optimism and new opportunities.

A mood of optimism – a new month begins

Stormy timesThe month of February, which was particularly stormy towards the end, has come to an end and with its end a new chapter begins again, the chapter of March. The end of February was anything but calm and serene. First, massive storms reached Germany, strong gusts of wind triggered by a low pressure area, which in turn was the result of strong vibration frequencies that reached our Earth from our central sun. This increased the planetary vibrational frequency, which in turn had a lasting impact on the frequency of the collective state of consciousness. This energetic high was not coming to an end, but continues to be present to this day. After the squalls we had 2 more portal days, one on February 25th and one on February 28th. Yesterday's portal day on February 28th took place at the end of the month and allowed us to continue to maintain the energetic high. Furthermore, this portal day announced a stormy + energetically intense end and, at the same time, revealed to us the beginning of a new month, a new time, which in turn is characterized by a high vibration. The energetic influences therefore do not diminish and continue to inspire our own spirit, our own mental state. The topic of letting go is still on our agenda. It is still about letting go of the things that cloud our own state of consciousness and prevent us from being able to realize a life that corresponds to our own ideas, a harmonious life that is the result of a balanced mind/body/spirit system.

In the coming time we can let go of fears of all kinds and initiate a personal transformation better than ever..!!

In the coming days there will still be optimal transformation conditions, conditions for letting go of old values, blocking beliefs and fears of all kinds. It is precisely from the present time, from the state of collective consciousness, that an ever-increasing urge for freedom is emerging. People want to be free and no longer want to be mentally dominated/subjugated.

The urge for justice, a free earth, the urge to experience a peaceful/harmonious world is becoming more and more present in the collective..!!

This refers, on the one hand, to the unjust system, the corrupt banks + industries/politicians, which continue to hold our state of consciousness captive in an energetically dense/ignorant frenzy and, on the other hand, or mainly to ourselves, because after all, freedom is the result of a free/higher one State of consciousness that only we can create ourselves. We can only live freedom again if we manage to free ourselves from all the everyday things that block our own mental state.

Due to the high energetic circumstances, there are now optimal conditions to realize massive personal growth..!!

For this reason, there will be a strong spirit of optimism in the coming period, a massive urge for freedom, for new living conditions, new experiences and, if necessary, even new interpersonal relationships. The potential to initiate massive personal growth is greater than ever and we should therefore not close ourselves off to the new, but rather welcome the new in order to be able to break out of old, rigid, sustainable patterns. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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