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In nature we can see fascinating worlds, unique habitats that have a high vibrational frequency at their core and for this reason have an inspiring effect on our own mental state. Places such as forests, lakes, oceans, mountains and co. have an extremely harmonious, calming, relaxing effect and can help us to find our own center again. At the same time, natural places can have a healing influence on our own organism. In this context, several scientists have already found that simply taking a daily walk through the forest can massively reduce your own risk of a heart attack. You can find out why this is so and to what extent nature has an influence on our state of consciousness in the following article.

Nature and its healing influence!

In nature we find something that is unfortunately valued far too little these days and that is life. Whether forests, steppes or even oceans, we can discover a wide variety of creatures in nature. Natural habitats, for example forests, are similar gigantic universes, which in terms of biodiversity are barely comprehensible to the human mind. In nature, life thrives in a variety of ways and always finds a way to recreate itself. In this context, a forest not only resembles a huge universe, but also a complex organism that produces large amounts of oxygen and acts as a kind of lung for our planet. Because of this diversity of life, the natural environment, the seemingly inexhaustible emergence of different organisms - all of which maintain these natural habitats, nature makes it clear to us that thriving is a fundamental principle of our existence. Apart from that, this natural flourishing is favored by the high vibration frequencies that natural habitats have. Natural environments have an energetic basis that vibrates at high frequencies.

Natural environments increase the frequency at which our state of consciousness vibrates..!!

For this reason, the influence of natural environments on one's mind is extremely positive. Ultimately, a person, including their own reality, their state of consciousness and also their body, consists of a single energetic state that vibrates at an individual frequency. Everything that is positive, harmonious or peaceful in nature increases our own vibration frequency; we feel lighter, more energetic and more joyful. Conversely, negative states of any kind reduce our own vibration frequency. We feel heavier, sluggish, sicker and thus create an inner imbalance.

The influence of natural environments on one's own psyche is enormous!!

Ultimately, the influence of natural environments on our own physical and psychological constitution is enormous. If you spend time in nature every day, for example just for half an hour every day, the effects on your body are very positive. There is also a huge difference between, for example, going for a walk through nature every day for 2 years, or sitting at home in front of the television at that time. This daily change, the new sensory impressions, the different colors, the oxygen-rich and generally pure air, simply improves your own mental state.

Different, high-frequency places of power

Every place has its own completely individual charisma. Someone who had to spend half an hour in a mine, for example, or even in a nuclear power plant, would experience a deterioration in their own mental state due to the energetically dense environment. In this regard there is even different places of power in this world that have an extremely high vibration frequency. The pyramids of Giza, for example, represent an extreme energetic power plant. Or even the powerful Untersberg in Austria, which was even described by the Dalai Lama as the heart chakra of Europe in 1992. Just like that, I recently found myself with my girlfriend in a place that, although not one of the most powerful places on our planet, nevertheless had a calming and harmonizing influence on our own minds. We were in Lower Saxony at Plesse Castle and from there we could see the entire surrounding area. A fascinating sight that once again made it clear to me how inspiring the influence of natural environments is on our own psyche. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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