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The egoistic mind, also called the supracausal mind, is a side of the human being that is solely responsible for creating energetically dense states. As is well known, everything in existence consists of immateriality. Everything is consciousness, which in turn has the aspect of being made of pure energy. Consciousness has the ability to condense or decondense due to energetic states. Energetically dense states are associated with negative thoughts and actions, because negativity of any kind is ultimately energetic density. Everything that damages one's own existence, that reduces one's own level of vibration, is due to one's own generation of energetic density.

The energetically dense counterpart

The egoistic mind is also often seen as the energetically dense counterpart to the intuitive mind denotes a mind responsible for the production of energetically dense states. In life you collect countless different experiences. Some of these are positive in nature, others are negative in nature. All suffering, all sadness, anger, jealousy, greed, etc. are negative experiences that are created by one's own egoistic mind. As soon as one creates energetic density, one acts out of one's egoistic mind at that moment, thus lowering one's vibrational level.

energetic densityIn such moments, the true nature, the spiritual mind of a person fades out. One cuts himself off from higher emotions and feelings and acts out of self-imposed, damaging patterns. For example, if someone speaks badly about another person, then this person is acting out of the egoistic mind at that moment, because judgments are energetically dense mechanisms and energetically dense mechanisms/states are only generated by the ego mind. The same also happens when we eat foods that we know are harmful to us, for example. If you consume such food, you are also acting out of a supracausality, because it is food that condenses your own immaterial state, food that is not consumed for health, energetically light reasons, but food that is fed exclusively to satisfy your own palate.

Sustainable thought patterns

For example, if someone is jealous and feels bad because of it, then that person is just acting out of egoistic patterns at that moment, you then create energetic density because you are thinking negatively about a scenario that is on a physical/material level does not yet exist. You worry about something that doesn't exist and you cut yourself off from the present because of it (abusing your imagination, your powers of thought).

You are not living in the present at this moment, but are staying in a scenario that is imagined in the future, a scenario that only exists in the mind of this person. Such The problem with such thoughts is that they are more lasting than one might assume, because due to the law of resonance, one always draws into one's own life what one is completely convinced of. Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. If someone in a relationship is jealous over a long period of time, this can result in the partner actually cheating on you or leaving you, because you draw this scenario into your own life by constantly thinking about it. You then literally push your partner to do so on a mental level and the resulting physical irrational actions.

The dissolution of the egoistic mind

Dissolution of the EGO mindSo in order to stop the production of any energetic density, it is imperative to completely dissolve one's egoistic mind. An undertaking that is not quite so easy, because the egoistic mind has very deep roots in our own spirit (the dissolution of the egoistic mind is a process that takes place over a longer period of time in most cases). It has conspicuous, simply knitted levels and unobtrusive, very profound levels that are difficult to recognize for one's own consciousness.

For example, speaking badly of other people is a rather conspicuous expression of the ego mind. Since we are currently in a Age of Spiritual Awakening There are also more and more people who are shedding their own prejudices and self-imposed biases. A deep, very inconspicuous rooting in turn refers to all negatively charged ego-related thinking. Every time one acts out of self-interest, one mentally cuts oneself off from all of creation, since at such moments one acts only in one's own interest instead of the good of others. So you keep yourself mentally trapped in isolation, because every time you act out of the sustainable ego you firstly condense your own energetic state and secondly you legitimize egoism in your own spirit.

However, the complete dissolution of one's own egoistic mind only takes place when one largely sheds one's own ego and manifests a we-thinking in one's own reality. One no longer acts in one's own interest, but in the interest of other people. If you do that, then you only act for the benefit of other people, because you have basically recognized that you are no longer generating energetic density because you are de-densifying your own vibration level due to acting in the interests of other people.

Act in the interests of other people

This is a way to consciously connect with the whole, because by thinking as we do, one's own consciousness acts in the interest of others and thus spiritually connects with the whole. You no longer live for yourself, but for the community. One then no longer acts in the interest of one's own consciousness, but in the interest of the entire consciousness (this means the consciousness in its entirety, a comprehensive consciousness that is expressed in all existing material and immaterial states through incarnation). Nevertheless, it is not easy to recognize and discard one's own supracausal mind, because from childhood on we are taught that human beings are fundamentally egoistic and that human beings are always concerned only with their own well-being. But this assumption is simply wrong.

Humans are actually fundamentally loving, caring, impartial and harmonious beings, which is particularly noticeable in small children. A toddler would never judge what is told to him, because in those years the supracausal mind is hardly developed. The ego mind only matures over the years, which happens due to our judgmental and discrediting society and the norm-setting state, social and above all media complexity.

The existential justification of the egoistic mind

Bluem des Lebens - An energetically bright symbolBut at the end of the day you have to understand that the egoistic mind also has its existential justification. Thanks to the egoistic mind, we humans are given the opportunity to gain energetically dense experiences. Furthermore, if this mind did not exist, one would not be able to have dualitarian experiences, which would severely limit one's wealth of experience. Then it would not be possible to study both sides of the same coin and one would only have one-sided experiences. This mind is therefore absolutely important in order to be able to understand the dualistic principle of life.

Furthermore, this mind is a protective mechanism that was given to us humans in order to be able to survive in a dualitarian world. If this mind didn't exist, one couldn't have antagonistic experiences, then it wouldn't be possible to get to know the opposite side of an aspect, and that would severely limit one's own spiritual development. For example, how are we supposed to understand and appreciate harmony if there were a world where only harmony existed. One would not thereby understand the existence and the peculiarity of harmonious states, since these would then be absolute normality for oneself. You always have to study the negative side of an aspect in order to be able to appreciate the positive pole afterwards. The more intensely one experiences the opposite pole, the more one appreciates the other side. Certainly someone who has been in prison for a few years appreciates freedom far more than someone who has not had the experience.

A financially poor person will appreciate financial wealth much more than someone who has always had a lot of money. The more we understand this dualistic principle or we recognize and discard our own egoistic mind, the energetically lighter our own level of vibration becomes. It is therefore advisable to deal with your own egoistic mind, to accept it, in order to then increasingly dissolve it through targeted analyzes and observations. Only then can we gradually end our own production of energetically dense states, which allows us to create a harmonious reality again. As always, it depends only on ourselves. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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