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Our planet has been a so-called punishment planet for thousands of years. In the process, powerful occult families set up an illusory world that ultimately serves to contain our own mind/state of consciousness. This illusory world is one based on disinformation, lies, half-truths, deception and energetically dense mechanisms. Ultimately, this illusory world is maintained with all its might, which worked perfectly for a while. In this context, it is also difficult to see through something, to recognize something as appearance, which has been our normality since our lifetime. Yet, on all planes of existence, our own mind is contained and our vibrational frequency is continually held down.

An artificial world

EliteFor that matter, for centuries most people didn't realize why they lived on a penal planet, a planet where a great deal of willful injustice reigned. Be it, for example, the consciously initiated + triggered wars, targeted terrorist attacks, the countless crimes against the animal world - which we perceive as normal (a slaughterhouse, for example, is nothing more than a place where people are MURDERING every day, where people other Taking the life of living beings and not questioning it in any way, usually even approving it), all the artificial and chemically added foods in supermarkets (if you consciously look around in a conventional supermarket, then you will find that 95% of them are only addictive and disease-causing foods are offered, not to mention the pesticide-treated vegetables and fruit...a mess), the countless pathogens that are administered to us in the form of vaccinations (you fight fire with fire), disinformation that we get from the conformist media (the Most media instances exclusively represent interests/opinions that protect the system, interests that are against the people, even if something completely different is suggested to us - just a world of illusion), various journalists who expose people to ridicule, who in turn treat/uncover explosive and system-critical topics (as soon as you system-critical issues you are a conspiracy theorist, a right-wing populist, a citizen of the Reich or even a right-wing esotericist...?!!), water that is enriched with the nerve toxin fluoride, a lack of knowledge about natural nutrition + self-healing, whatever about taking medication (Many people undergo long-term medication, avoid a natural diet, natural foods/remedies and do not question this, but blindly trust the pharmaceutical industry, put it above everything + denigrate people who have a different or even a critical opinion - judgments arise – An exclusion legitimized in one’s own spirit towards people who think differently). In addition, of course, there is all the wanted poverty on our planet, all the famines and resource plundering of land.

Every 26.000 years there is a shift, an increase in the planetary vibrational frequency, which causes a collective awakening to take place over the years and the balance of power to regain balance (this awakening has been going on for 5 years)..!!

This planet is not a free planet, but a punishment planet, settled thousands of years ago by young souls (souls or people who have little incarnation experience) and find themselves in a game of duality. As has been mentioned several times, due to a very special cosmic circumstance, massive changes are currently taking place (a change that heralds a time of upheaval every 26.000 years due to a cosmic cycle), a change and more and more people are recognizing the families worth trillions of dollars ( Money rules the world and so who subsequently rules/creates money rules the world and has seemingly unlimited power) created artificial world, now understand that they merely represented human capital, mental slaves who are supposed to obey nicely and in no way the current one may denounce the system or address issues that expose this sham system.

The power elite's fear of the people

The fear of the peopleWell then, I don't want to constantly complain or just blame the power elites for our planetary circumstance, that would be too easy and at the end of the day it doesn't lead to anything anyway. With the enumeration, which ultimately only listed a fraction of what is going wrong in the world, I only wanted to show why we live on a punishing planet and why an illusory world has been set up around us. Ultimately, I want to get at something completely different, namely that we humans, that we, the people, have or could have complete power. There is only one thing the power elite is afraid of and that is an awake people, a people who uncover their illusory world, a people that consists of mentally free people. A people that can no longer be vaccinated, that reject chemically contaminated food, are no longer materially oriented, no longer put money and luxury above everything else, a people that are happy, joyful, no longer allow themselves to be permanently frightened and on peaceful ones way of starting a revolution. If, for example, no one would eat meat overnight, then all the animal murders would largely stop (job argument obsolete, - new companies and jobs would be created + murder must not be above finances or work), if we of today would no longer watch television tomorrow or would no longer buy propaganda newspapers, then these instances would be forced to join the change (which is already happening in some cases - in other words, a rethinking of the population is taking place, fewer and fewer people are watching television, the media have been brought into line more and more readers are losing - breach of trust - losing credibility). So the change can only be fully accomplished if we are the change itself.

The direction of our own mind determines not only our own life, but also the lives of other people. Since we are connected to everything in existence, our thoughts and actions not only affect our immediate environment, but even the entire collective state of consciousness..!!

Change and revolution don't just happen on the outside, but always within ourselves. We have to represent the change we want for this world again, we should create a life again that in turn inspires the collective state of consciousness and takes the power elite away from their power. In this context, we cannot hope for a change either, but we have to make this change ourselves and not with aggression or anger in our stomachs, but with inner peace, with happiness, with a state of consciousness that is free from dependencies, free from addictions, free of disinformation and being subject to media authorities. We humans are not just insignificant beings, but WE are all the creators of our own reality, powerful creatures, unique beings who can create a peaceful circumstance, or a destructive circumstance, who can give away their own power, or use it to build a positive life.

What is a thorn in the side of the power elite are mentally free people, i.e. people who stand up for the truth, expose their diabolical system + subsequently initiate a peaceful revolution..!! 

It all depends only on ourselves. Ultimately, that is what the power elite fears, what is and will be their downfall. Mankind is becoming freer every day and more and more people are joining this change. So, don't let yourself be unsettled, never doubt your own unlimited power, don't let your actions be impaired and create a peaceful + spiritually free living situation again, which will trigger a rethinking within the collective state of consciousness. We all have it in our hands. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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