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The egoistic mind is the energetically dense counterpart to the psychic mind and is responsible for the generation of all negative thoughts. At the same time, we are currently in an age in which we are gradually dissolving our own egoistic mind in order to be able to create a completely positive reality. The egoistic mind is often strongly demonized here, but this demonization is only an energetically dense behavior. Basically, it's much more about accepting this mind, being grateful to it in order to be able to dissolve it.

acceptance and gratitude

Acceptance of the Egoistic MindOften we judge our own selfish mind, see it as something "evil", a mind that is solely responsible for the generation of negative thoughts, emotions and actions and only limits ourselves again and again, a mind through which we repeatedly carry around self-imposed burdens. But basically it is important not to see this mind as something negative or mean. On the contrary, one should appreciate this mind much more, one should be grateful that it exists and consider it a part of one's life. Acceptance is the key word here. If you don't accept the egoistic mind and demonize it, then you act out of this energetically dense network without knowing it. But the egoistic mind is part of one's reality. One should be grateful to him for giving us the chance to experience a dualistic world. All the downsides of a human being, all the negative experiences and events that one has created through this mind, all the dark days that we have experienced ourselves because of our egoistic mind were necessary for our own development. All these negative events, some of which made us feel a lot of pain, and even had to go through extremely severe heart pain, basically only made us stronger. Situations in which we were devastated, weak, didn't know what to do and sadness spread through us, ultimately only meant that we rose powerfully from them. Remember all the painful moments in your life.

Your first great love that left you, a special person in your life who passed away, situations and incidents in which you didn't know what to do and didn't see a way out. In the end, no matter how dark these days were, you survived them and could experience a new time in which things went uphill again. The greatest descents are always followed by the greatest ascents and these situations have helped make us who we are today. These situations made us stronger and at the end of the day they were just instructive situations for ourselves, moments that broadened and changed our mental horizons.

Every negative experience is correct

Every negative experience is correctSo it is important to experience such experiences in your own life. This allows growth to happen and gives you the opportunity to grow beyond yourself. Apart from that, one learns to appreciate such positive events, friends and relatives, love, harmony, peace and lightness much more. For example, how are you supposed to fully appreciate love if only it existed and you had only experienced it yourself. Only when you have seen the deepest abyss do you understand how important and fulfilling events in your life are/were in which you experienced positivity of any kind. For this reason one should not demonize, condemn or even reject one's own egoistic mind. This mind is part of oneself and should be loved and cherished much more. If you do that, you not only dissolve this mind, no, you integrate it much more into your own reality and ensure that change can take place in this mind. One is grateful that this mind exists and has so often been a companion in one's own life. One is grateful that one was able to have so many instructive experiences and was able to experience the duality of life because of this mind. You thank this mind and accept it as an instructive mind that has always been helpful to you. When you do that and fully accept and appreciate that mind again, something wonderful will happen at the same time, and that's an inner healing. You heal the negative bond you have with that mind and transform that bond into love. This is also an important step in order to be able to create a completely light/positive reality. One should be thankful and turn all negative thoughts into positive ones, this paves the way for healing and inner peace to finally prevail. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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