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The entire existence is continuously shaped + accompanied by 7 different universal laws (the hermetic laws/principles). These laws exert a massive influence on our own state of consciousness or, to put it better, explain the consequences of countless phenomena that we humans experience every day but often cannot interpret. Whether our own thoughts, the power of our own mind, supposed coincidences, different levels of existence (here/after), polaritarian states, different rhythms and cycles, energetic/vibrational states or even destiny, these laws pretty much explain the entire mechanisms of all Levels of existence and therefore also represent essential knowledge that in turn can massively expand our own horizon.

The 7 universal laws

1. The Principle of Mind - Everything is mental!

The principle of the mindEverything is spirit (energy/vibration/information). Everything is of a spiritual/mental nature and consequently also an expression/result of consciousness thoughts. Our entire reality is therefore only a product of our own state of consciousness. For this reason every invention, every action as well as every life event existed, first as an idea in the form of a thought, in our own mind. You imagined something, for example going swimming with friends, had the idea of ​​looking for a specific education or consuming something specific and then realized the thoughts of the corresponding actions/experiences on a material level by committing the actions (Manifestation of your thoughts → first is presented → then realized with the help of your willpower). For this reason, every human being is also a powerful creator of his own reality and can shape his own destiny himself.

2. The Principle of Correspondence - As above, so below!

The Principle of Correspondence - As above, so below!Everything in our lives, whether external or internal, corresponds to our own thoughts, orientations, convictions and beliefs. As above so below, as within so without. Everything in existence, i.e. everything that you encounter in your life - your perception of things ultimately only represents a mirror of your own inner state. You don't see the world as it is, but as you are. For this reason, you cannot generalize your own views and present them as a universal reality, since every person is the creator of their own reality and creates their own beliefs + convictions. What you think and feel, what conforms to your beliefs, always manifests as truth in your own reality. For this reason, everything we perceive in the outside world is always reflected in our inner nature. If you have a chaotic life circumstance in this context, then this external circumstance is due to your inner chaos/imbalance. The outer world has then automatically adapted to your inner state. Furthermore, this law states that the macrocosm is merely an image of the microcosm and vice versa. As in the big, so in the small. All of existence is reflected on smaller as well as larger scales. Whether structures of the microcosm (atoms, electrons, protons, cells, bacteria, etc.), or parts of the macrocosm (universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, people, etc.), everything is similar, because everything in existence is made of one and shaped by the same basic energetic structure.

3. The principle of rhythm and vibration - everything vibrates, everything is in motion!

The principle of rhythm and vibration - everything vibrates, everything is in motion!Everything flows in and out. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration. In this regard, the well-known electrical engineer Nikola Tesla already said that if you want to understand the universe, you should think in terms of vibration, oscillation and frequency. In particular, the aspect of vibration is illustrated by this law. After all, everything in existence is vibration or consists of oscillating energetic states, which in turn have a corresponding frequency (mind consists of energy, as already mentioned). Rigidity or rigid, solid matter, as we often imagine it, does not exist in this sense, on the contrary, matter consists solely of energy on the inside - energetic states. This is often referred to as compressed energy or energy that has a very low frequency. That's exactly why one likes to say that the entire life of a human being is merely an immaterial projection of his or her own state of consciousness. Ultimately, this principle also makes it clear to us again that vibration is essential for our own thriving. The flow of our own life does not want to come to a standstill, but rather to be able to flow freely at all times. For this reason, it is also beneficial for our own physical + mental constitution if we follow this principle instead of remaining in rigid, blocking life patterns. In parallel, this law also states that everything is subject to different rhythms and cycles. There are a wide variety of cycles that make themselves felt again and again in our lives. A small cycle would be, for example, the female menstrual cycle or the day/night rhythm. On the other hand there are larger cycles such as the 4 seasons, or the currently prevailing, consciousness-expanding 26000 year cycle (also called the cosmic cycle - keywords: the galactic pulse, the platonic year, Pleiades).

4. The principle of polarity and gender - everything has 2 sides!

The principle of polarity and gender - everything has 2 sides!The principle of polarity and gender says that apart from our "polarity-free" ground, consisting of consciousness (our mind - interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness does not have a polaritarian state, but polarity/duality arises from it) only dualitarian states prevail. Dualitarian states can be found everywhere in life and are ultimately essential for one's own mental + spiritual development (only those who have experienced the darkness appreciate the light or even strive for it). In this regard, we experience dualitarian states on a daily basis, they represent an integral part of our material world. The principle of duality also shows us that everything in existence (apart from our primal ground) has two sides. For example, because there is heat, there is also cold, because there is light, there is also darkness (or the absence of light is the result of this). Nevertheless, both sides always belong together. It's like a coin, both sides are different, but both sides belong together and form the entire coin - represent it in its entirety. Apart from that, this principle also makes it clear to us again that almost everything in existence is female and male aspects (Yin/Yang principle). Masculine and feminine forces/energies are found everywhere in nature, just like humans have masculine/analytical and feminine/intuitive aspects.

5. The Law of Resonance – Like attracts like!

The Law of Resonance - Like attracts likeBasically, the Law of Resonance is one of the most well-known/popular universal laws and, in simple terms, states that energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. Like attracts like. Energetic states always attract energetic states, which in turn vibrate at the same/similar frequency. What your own state of consciousness resonates with, it also attracts more into your own life. For this reason, you don't always attract what you want into your own life, but what you are and what you radiate. Your own charisma is therefore essential for your own attraction. Because of our own spirit, we are also connected to everything that exists on a spiritual/immaterial level. Separation does not exist in that sense, but separation only exists in our own mind, mostly as a form of a blockage, in the form of a self-imposed negative belief. The principle of correspondence also flows into the law of resonance in an interesting way (of course, all universal laws interact with each other). I also mentioned before that you don't see the world as it is, but as you are. One sees the world as fundamentally one's current vibrational state is. If your mind is negatively aligned, you look at the world from a negative perspective and as a result you may only see the bad in everything, then you will continue to attract only negative life situations into your own life. You then see the bad in everything that happens to you and as a result intensify this feeling through your own negative mental orientation. Albert Einstein also said the following: "Everything is energy and that's all. Match the frequency to the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics."

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect - Everything has a reason!

The principle of cause and effect - everything has a reason!The universal principle of cause and effect states that everything in existence has a cause, which in turn has produced a corresponding effect. Every cause produces a corresponding effect, and every effect exists only because of a corresponding cause. Therefore, nothing in life happens without a reason, quite the opposite. Everything that has happened in your life up to now, everything that has happened up to now, should also take place in exactly the same way, otherwise something else would have happened, for example you would experience a completely different phase of life. Everything happened for a good reason, arose from a corresponding cause. The cause was always of a mental/mental nature. Our mind represents the supreme authority in existence and constantly creates cause and effect, an inescapable principle. As far as that is concerned, the entire existence follows a higher cosmic order and the entire life is therefore not a randomly created product, but much more the result of a creative spirit. There is therefore no supposed coincidence either, coincidence is much more just a construct of our own ignorant mind in order to be able to have a supposed explanation for inexplicable things. There is no such thing as coincidence, only causality. This is often referred to as karma. Karma, on the other hand, is not to be equated with punishment, but much more with a logical consequence of a cause, in this context usually a negative cause, which then, due to the law of resonance, has produced a negative effect - with which one is then confronted in life. The same applies to "luck" or "bad luck". Basically, in that sense, there is no such thing as good or bad luck that happens to someone randomly. Since we humans are the creators of our own reality, we are also responsible for whether we legitimize happiness/joy/light or unhappiness/suffering/darkness in our own mind, or whether we look at the world from a positive or negative perspective ( There is no way to happiness, being happy is the way). For this reason, we humans do not have to be subject to any supposed fate, but we can take our own fate into our own hands. We can act self-determined and determine the further course of our own lives.

7. The Principle of Harmony or Balance - Everything dies after balance!

The principle of harmony or balance - Everything dies after balancePut simply, this universal law says that everything in existence strives for harmonious states, for balance. Ultimately, harmony represents the basic basis of our life. Any form of life or every person usually only wants to be well, content, happy and consequently strives for a harmonious life. We all go the most different ways to be able to realize this goal again. We try out many things in order to be able to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. But not only humans have this project. Whether the universe, humans, animals or even plants, everything strives towards a perfectionist harmonious order, everything strives for balance. This principle can even be observed in atoms. Atoms strive for balance, for energetically stable states in which atoms, which in turn do not have an atomic outer shell fully occupied with electrons, absorb/attract electrons from other atoms due to their attractive forces triggered by the positive nucleus until the outer shell again is full. The striving for balance, for harmonious, balanced states takes place everywhere, even in the atomic world this principle is present. The electrons are then donated by atoms whose penultimate shell is fully occupied, making the penultimate, fully occupied shell the outermost shell (octet rule). A simple principle that illustrates that even in the atomic world there is give and take. In exactly the same way, the temperatures of liquids strive to equalize. For example, if you fill a cup with hot water, the temperature of the water will adapt to that of the cup and vice versa. For this reason, the principle of harmony or balance can also be observed everywhere, even in our everyday actions, when we ourselves embody this principle or even strive for this embodiment. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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