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Every person has chakras, subtle energy centers, connection gates to our energy bodies that are responsible for our mental balance. There are a total of over 40 chakras that are located above and below the physical body, apart from the 7 main chakras. Each individual chakra has different, special functionalities and serves our natural spiritual growth. The 7 main chakras are located within our body and control it various subtle processes. You can find out here what the 7 main chakras are and what properties they have.

The root chakra

ChakrasThe root chakra is the first main chakra and is located between the genitals and the anus. If this chakra is open or in balance, it becomes apparent that we have stability and spiritual, inner strength. Furthermore, a good health and physical constitution is the result of an open root chakra. People who have a balanced root chakra also have a strong will to live, assertiveness and feel secure and have no problem building trust. Furthermore, an open root chakra ensures optimal, problem-free digestion and excretion of excrement. A closed or imbalanced root chakra is characterized by a lack of life energy, fear of survival or fear of change. Fear of existence, distrust, various phobias, depression, allergic complaints and intestinal diseases are the result of a closed root chakra.

The sacral chakra

ChakrasThe sacral chakra, also known as the sex chakra, is the second main chakra and is located about a hand’s breadth below the navel. This chakra stands for sexuality, reproduction, sensuality, creative design power, creativity and emotionality. People who have an open sacral chakra have a healthy and balanced sexuality or healthy sexual thought energies. Furthermore, people with a balanced sacral chakra have a stable emotional state and are not easily thrown off balance. In addition, people with an open sacral chakra feel a remarkable zest for life and enjoy life to the fullest. Another indication of an open sacral chakra is a strong enthusiasm and a healthy, positive relationship to the opposite sex and to other people. People with a closed sacral chakra often have an inability to enjoy life, emotional powerlessness, strong mood swings, are often jealous and in many cases exhibit compulsive or imbalanced sexual behavior.

The solar plexus chakra

ChakrasThe solar plexus chakra is the third main chakra under the solar plexus or the solar plexus and stands for self-confident thinking and acting. People who have an open solar plexus chakra have strong willpower, a balanced personality, a strong drive, show a healthy degree of sensitivity and compassion and are happy to take responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, people with a balanced solar plexus chakra have a strong intuitive connection and often act from their intuitive mind. Inability to criticize, cold-heartedness, egoism, obsession with power, lack of self-confidence, ruthlessness and anger characterize the life of a person with a closed solar plexus chakra. People with an unbalanced solar plexus chakra often have to prove themselves and turn their backs on their feelings in many life situations.

The heart chakra

ChakrasThe heart chakra is the fourth main chakra and is located in the center of the chest at heart level and is our connection to the soul. The heart chakra is responsible for our strong empathy and compassion. People with an open heart chakra are very sensitive, loving, understanding and have an all-encompassing love for people, animals and nature. Tolerance towards those who think differently and accepted inner love are further indications of an open heart chakra. Delicacy, warmth of heart, sensitive thought patterns also make a strong heart chakra. On the other hand, a closed heart chakra makes a person appear loveless and cold at heart. Relationship problems, loneliness and unresponsiveness to love are other results of a closed heart chakra. These people are often unable to express their love and it is very difficult for them to accept love from other people. Most of the time, thoughts of love are even ridiculed and condemned.

The throat chakra

ChakrasThe throat chakra, also known as the larynx chakra, is the fifth main chakra located just below the larynx and stands for verbal expression. We express our world of thoughts through our words and accordingly fluency in language, conscious use of words, communication skills, honest or true words are an expression of a balanced throat chakra. People with an open throat chakra avoid lies and are more likely to convey truth, love, and non-judgmental expression through words. Furthermore, these people are not afraid to speak their mind and do not hide their thoughts behind the walls of the mute voice. People with a closed throat chakra often do not dare to speak their mind and are often afraid of rejection and confrontation. In addition, these people are afraid of expressing their own opinions and are often very shy and inhibited for this reason.

The brow chakra

brow chakraThe brow chakra, also known as the third eye, is the sixth chakra between the eyes, above the bridge of the nose, and stands for the realization of higher realities and dimensionalities. People with an open third eye have a strong intuitive memory and often have extrasensory perception. Furthermore, these people have a mental clarity and often live a life of constant self-knowledge. In addition, these people are characterized by a strong imagination, a well-developed memory and a strong mental spirit. Conversely, people with a closed brow chakra feed on a restless mind and in many cases are unable to show insight. Mental confusion, superstition, and random mood swings are also symptoms of a closed third eye. Flashes of inspiration and self-knowledge are absent and the fear of not recognizing or not understanding something often determines everyday life.

The crown chakra

ChakrasThe crown chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is located at and above the top of the head and is responsible for our spiritual growth and understanding. It is the connection to all being, to divinity and is important for our full self-realization. People with an open crown chakra often have enlightenments or can interpret enlightenments and understand the deeper meaning behind many subtle mechanisms. These people often express divine love and always act out of peaceful and loving intentions. These people also understand that everything is one and usually only see the divine, pure, unadulterated being in other people. Divine principles and wisdom are expressed and a permanent connection to the cosmic dimensionalities is given. On the other hand, people with a completely closed crown chakra are usually afraid of lack and emptiness and are usually dissatisfied because of this. These people are unaware of their unique creative power and lack any spiritual understanding. Loneliness, mental exhaustion and fear of higher powers also characterize a person with an imbalanced crown chakra.

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