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As I have often mentioned in my articles, humanity is currently undergoing a huge spiritual change that is fundamentally changing our lives. We deal with our own mental abilities again and recognize the deeper meaning of our lives. A wide variety of writings and treatises also reported that humanity will re-enter a so-called 5th dimension. Personally, I first heard about this transition in 2012, for example. I read through several articles on this topic and felt somewhere that there must be something true in these texts, but I could not interpret this in any way. I had no knowledge at all on this topic, I had never dealt with spirituality or let alone a transition into the 5th dimension in my entire previous life and therefore did not yet realize how essential and significant this change would be.

5th dimension, a state of consciousness!

5th dimension, a state of consciousnessIt was only years later, after my very first self-knowledge, that I dealt with spiritual topics and inevitably came into contact with the topic of the 5th dimension again. Of course, the topic was still a little confusing for me, but over time, i.e. after several months, a clearer picture of the matter emerged. Initially I imagined the 5th dimension as a place that had to exist somewhere and that we would then get to. This misconception was only based on my 3-dimensional, “selfish” mind, which is responsible for the fact that we humans always look at life from a material rather than an immaterial perspective. However, at this time I realized that everything in existence arises from our own minds. Ultimately, all of life is just a product of our own mental imagination, which in turn depends heavily on the orientation of our own state of consciousness. If you have a negative attitude or have a negative spectrum of thoughts, then you will subsequently view life from a negative state of consciousness and this in turn leads to you attracting more negative life situations. A positive spectrum of thoughts in turn means that we also attract positive living conditions into our own lives. In spirituality, the 3rd dimension is often compared to a lower state of consciousness, a state of consciousness from which a materially oriented worldview emerges.

The 5th dimension is not a place in the classic sense, but rather a higher state of consciousness from which a positive/peaceful reality emerges..!!

For example, if you are more materially oriented or like to be guided by lower thoughts (hatred, anger, envy, etc.), then in this context or in such moments you are acting from a 3rd dimensional state of consciousness. Conversely, positive thoughts, i.e. thoughts that are based on harmony, love, peace, etc., are the result of a 5th dimensional state of consciousness. The 5th dimension is therefore not a place, not a space that exists somewhere and which we will enter at some point, but the 5th dimension is a positively oriented state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place.

The transition to the 5th dimension is an inevitable process that will fully manifest itself on our planet in the next few years..!!

Humanity is therefore currently in a transition to a higher, more harmonious state of consciousness. This process takes place over several years and overall increases our own spiritual/spiritual quotient. In this context, more and more people are recognizing that our lives demand harmony, peace and balance instead of disharmony, chaos and disagreement. For this reason we will find ourselves in a peaceful world in the coming decades, that is to say in the coming decades, a world in which mankind will again regard itself as one big family and in which charity will be legitimized in one's own spirit. This process is unavoidable and will make all suppressed technologies (free energy and co.), all suppressed knowledge regarding our own origin freely available. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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