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The transition to the fifth dimension is currently on everyone's lips. Many people say that our planet, along with all the people living on it, is entering the fifth dimension, which should result in a new peaceful age on our earth. Nevertheless, this idea is still ridiculed by some people and not everyone understands exactly what the fifth dimension or this transition is all about. What is meant by the fifth dimension, what is it all about and why this transition actually takes place, I try to bring you closer in this article.

The truth behind the 5th dimension

The truth behind the 5th dimensionDue to very special cosmic circumstances Our solar system experiences a massive energetic increase every 26000 thousand years, whereby mankind experiences a drastic increase in its own sensitive abilities. This process was already predicted by various earlier advanced cultures and immortalized in the form of various symbols (flower of life) all over our planet. In this context, it is said that an overarching transition to the 5th dimension is taking place, and it is precisely this change that is currently taking place. The 5th dimension merely means a heightened state of consciousness in which higher emotions and trains of thought find their place. A state of consciousness that is responsible for allowing us humans to create a completely positive, peaceful and harmonious reality again. However, this circumstance requires a lot of inner cleaning and ultimately also leads to the outdated belief patterns and sustainable programming that are anchored in our subconscious being gradually discarded. Necessarily the dissolution of our own 3 dimensional, egoistic mind is also linked to this. The egoistic mind is a part of our reality that is responsible for the production of energetically dense states. That means every time you legitimize a thought in your own mind or commit an action that is characterized by negative intensity, you are acting out of your own egoistic mind at that moment. If you are dissatisfied, if you judge someone else's life, if you are greedy, jealous, jealous, sad, hateful, angry, hateful, violent, selfish etc. then these behaviors are due to a negative spectrum of thoughts and such thoughts exist in turn from energetic density, energy vibrating at a low frequency. These negative thoughts deplete our life force and condense our own vibrational level. In the past human history known to us, there was a generally very low level of vibration in our solar system. People always acted out of base ambitions. Hate, dissatisfaction and greed shaped the everyday life of many people and we had to re-acquire different moral views over the centuries. Furthermore, the world was viewed from a 3-dimensional, material point of view. One identified with one's own body and paid no attention to the immateriality of life. But now we are again experiencing an enormous energetic increase on our planet and humanity is shedding its lower, 3-dimensional ways of thinking and structures.

The 5 dimensional soul mind

mental mindIn return, we act more and more out of our 5 dimensional mind, out of our soul. The soul is the energetically light counterpart to the ego mind and is responsible for the production of all energetic lights. As soon as one is loving, honest, harmonious or peaceful one acts out of the spiritual mind in such moments. This 5-dimensional mind also contains an enormous expansion of our consciousness and leads us back to our true root. One understands again that everything in existence can be traced back exclusively to conscious mechanisms and recognizes that one's entire life is only a mental projection of one's own consciousness. Ultimately, matter is just compressed energy that we humans perceive as such because we eat it. However is Matter only an illusion, actually it does not exist as such, because deep down everything in existence is composed entirely of energy, specifically consciousness, which has the aspect of being composed of energy, which in turn is composed of an appropriate frequency. Mankind is currently realizing this fact again. Every single person is in this transition and gains a better understanding of life from day to day. We are just learning to create a loving environment again, increasingly dissolving our egoistic mind and finding our soul again. We look at life again from an immaterial point of view and increasingly expand our consciousness.

Noticeable effects in all areas of life

The effects of the increase in vibrationThis is noticeable in all areas of our planet. On the one hand, true political backgrounds and intrigues are uncovered again. People understand again what is really happening on our earth, why the system is the way it is and are demonstrating worldwide for peace. Meat consumption is declining more and more, a natural diet is coming back into focus. Judgments are becoming less and less popular and are increasingly being filed, that life is often questioned, people are no longer smiled at for their individual expression, money plays a subordinate role for many and the predatory capitalism is eyed more and more critically. Geopolitical circumstances and warlike conditions are now specifically questioned/understood and people can no longer identify with the energetically dense machinations of the various states. On the other hand, many people become aware of their own creative powers again, understand that everything in life is a result of their own thoughts, that thoughts represent the basic basis of every action and every life and, because of this fact, increasingly deal with the teachings of the spirit/ Consciousness (spirituality) apart No one can evade this change and sooner or later everyone will be confronted with it in some form.

Humanity is evolving into one again sensitive company and re-integrates immaterial ways of thinking and perspectives in your own mind. This process takes place over several years and becomes more intense from month to month. In 10 years, therefore, the planetary circumstance will be completely different and worldwide peace, love, impartiality and harmony will again characterize the everyday life of every human being. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Kevin Sauer2 16. October 2019, 18: 19

      The change is visible everywhere, for example based on the constitutional
      Vwe collection in Germany. www.ddbradio.org

    Kevin Sauer2 16. October 2019, 18: 19

    The change is visible everywhere, for example based on the constitutional
    Vwe collection in Germany. www.ddbradio.org