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Since the beginning of our existence, we humans have philosophized about what exactly could happen after death. For example, some people are convinced that after death we enter something called nothing and then we would not continue to exist in any way. On the other hand, some people assume that after death we will ascend to a supposed heaven, that our life on earth will then end, but we will continue to exist forever in heaven, i.e. on another level of existence.

Entry into a new life

Entry into a new lifeApart from a lot of speculation, one thing is basically certain and that is that we will definitely continue to exist after our death (our soul is immortal and will continue to exist forever). In this context, there is no death per se, but rather death represents a transformation, i.e. we humans then experience a unique frequency change and then enter a "new" world known/unknown to us. In the end, we enter a supposedly new world together with our soul (beyond - exists beyond the world we know - everything has 2 poles - universal law) and, depending on the level of our previous state of consciousness, we integrate ourselves into a corresponding frequency level. As far as that is concerned, our previous earth development plays a very important role and is decisive for our own integration. People who, for example, had hardly any emotional connection during a so-called "time of transition", were more EGO/material oriented (i.e. rather cold-hearted, judged a lot and had little knowledge about their origins and the world), themselves who continue to be consciously imprisoned in the illusionary world we are being led to believe and who only have a few mental orientations would be classified in a rather low frequency level in this regard (we take our unresolved conflicts and other mental problems with us to the grave, transfer them to our future life). On the other hand, people who were more in control of their own incarnation, i.e. had a stronger emotional connection and had mastered the game of duality more strongly in their lives, would tend to be classified in a high frequency level. Ultimately, the corresponding frequency level, or rather the mental + spiritual development achieved in the previous life, leads to subsequent integration.

Basically there is no supposed death, instead we humans are always reborn, always get a new physical dress and always strive, whether consciously or unconsciously, for a consistent further development of our own spirit..!!

The higher a person has developed spiritually, emotionally and, above all, ethically in his life, the longer it will take until he reincarnates again. People who, in turn, have only experienced/realized a minimal expression of their own mind/body/spirit system are in turn reborn/reincarnated faster in order to be granted a quick chance for further spiritual development. Ultimately, this is also an essential aspect of our lives, namely the reincarnation process. That's just how we humans are born over and over again. For this reason, instead of dying and being extinguished forever, we keep coming back, being reborn, then constantly evolving, getting to know new ethical and moral views and striving, whether consciously or unconsciously, for a complete development of our own spiritual mind address, i.e. the completion of our own reincarnation cycle. This procedure is simply linked to essential factors and one of them is again the creation of a state of consciousness from which a completely harmonious + peaceful reality arises, i.e. a free life in which we no longer let anything mentally dominate us - become master of your own incarnation again.

Everyone can end the cycle of reincarnation by completely freeing oneself from one's own self-created imbalance, by becoming master of one's own incarnation again and achieving a very high level of ethical and moral consciousness..!! 

For this reason there is no death in the sense that it has never existed and it never will. The only thing that is always present is life and when our physical shell decays, then we will continue to exist just like that and even reincarnate one day. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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