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For a few days, our earth has been flooded by a solar wind that has an extremely high intensity. Solar winds exert a tremendous influence on the human psyche, are able to expand the collective state of consciousness and support us all in the ascension process. Furthermore, solar winds weaken the earth's magnetic field, which in turn means that we humans can firstly dissolve old programming and secondly activate new programming in ourselves. A huge conversion process is currently taking place and the ascent to the fifth dimension (beginning of the new earth) asks us humans more and more to deal with our true selves. You can find out more important effects of the solar wind and why it is essential for spiritual prosperity in the following section

The reprogramming of our subconscious takes on new dimensions!!

solar windsThe incoming solar wind and its weakening effect on the magnetic field have been clearly noticeable for several days. The solar wind not only weakens the Earth's magnetic field, but at the same time also increases the Earth's oscillation frequency. This increase in vibration frequency leads us increasingly into the 5th dimension and ultimately ensures that huge change processes take place in our subconscious. In this context, a wide variety of programming is anchored in our subconscious, thoughts that are repeatedly brought into our daily consciousness. However, many of these programmings are of a negative nature and lead us to our lack spiritual connection in front of your eyes. This negative programming, for example addictive thoughts that pop up every day, can no longer find support due to the transition to the 5th dimension and are waiting to be dissolved or reprogrammed. In this context, the 5th dimension is not a place in itself, but rather a state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place. Negative thoughts of any kind block our own ascent and create energetic density, which in turn has a strong effect on our own constitution. In the meantime, however, due to the inflowing energies, we have reached a point where we can no longer identify with these sustainable behaviors in any way. The transition into the 5th dimension and the associated solar winds prompt us again and again to deal with our true selves and to disconnect/free ourselves from negative thoughts. These negative trains of thought, often referred to as 3-dimensional thoughts (the 3-dimensional in this context refers to an energetically dense/negative circumstance), rob us of our life energy and bind us to our physical body.

We can be catapulted to a new vibrational level..!!

Due to a complex, new beginning cycle, but our solar system reaches an energetically bright area of ​​the galaxy, which means that we humans become more sensitive and learn to control and rationally deal with our 3-dimensional, energetically dense mind. Furthermore, this energetic increase is accompanied by solar winds, which not only increase our own vibration frequency, but also dissolve inner blockages and make our innermost desires and dreams visible to us humans. Especially in the last few years, huge solar winds have repeatedly hit our earth and intensified our ascension process. The solar winds can catapult us to a new vibrational level and promote our own inner healing process. Especially on days like these, huge transformations always take place, energetic changes that we should definitely take advantage of.

Accept the past and live in the present..!!

For this reason, days like these are perfect for coming to terms with your own past. The decoupling of the old, 3-dimensional world requires us to be at peace with ourselves and of course this also includes coming to terms with the past. Ultimately, the past and the future are just mental constructs, but what we are constantly in is the present, an eternally expanding moment that has always existed, is and will be. Karmic entanglements and past conflicts that we have not yet been able to resolve are constantly brought to our attention and cause us to lose ourselves in them. Sometimes you sit around for hours, thinking deeply about these past events and deriving a lot of suffering from them. However, incoming solar winds have a strong influence on our subconscious and allow all these negative thoughts to arise. How you ultimately deal with these incoming energies is up to you.

Whether you use the potential of the solar wind is entirely up to you..!!

We can use these inflowing energies to further progress in the ascension process, transcend ourselves and legitimize a positive subconscious reprogramming in our own mind, or we can remain trapped in negative thoughts and continue to get bogged down in 3 dimensional lower patterns . What you decide to do at the end of the day is entirely up to you, but never forget that the potential of these days is gigantic and could transform you into a new person. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and use the potential of the incoming solar wind.

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