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the key to consciousness

The key to consciousness lies in a completely free and open mind. When the mind is completely free and the consciousness is no longer burdened by lower behavior patterns, then one develops a certain sensitivity to the immateriality of life. One then attains a higher spiritual level and begins to see life from a higher perspective. In order to expand your own consciousness, to gain more clarity, it is very important to know your own selfishness To recognize, question and understand mind or the separation to the divine convergence.

How the egoistic mind clouds consciousness...

The egoistic or also called supracausal mind is a partial aspect of our existence with which most people have somehow identified in the last millennia. Due to the egoistic mind, we close ourselves off from everything that does not correspond to our own conditioned world view and thus hinder our spiritual development. The egoistic mind makes people go blind and ensures that other people or the thought worlds of other people are smiled at or even condemned.

But every judgment only hinders one's own spiritual growth, leaves behind a negative attitude and keeps oneself in the limiting matrix of duality. This lower mind removes one's life from natural states and leaves our own horizons limited. Because of 26000 year cycle However, the situation is currently changing and more and more people are recognizing their egoistic mind and thereby gaining more access to their own creative source. QIE (Quantum Leap Into Awakening) - The Key to Consciousness is a short film that presents one's own egoistic mind or the imprisonment of the mind in an interesting way. The film gives a lot of good food for thought and should also expand your consciousness.

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