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The world has been changing for some time. A massive spiritual and spiritual development is taking place, which will ultimately lead to a completely new planetary circumstance. In this context, the balance of power was upset thousands of years ago, but now a time is dawning in which this imbalance will slowly but surely disappear. In this regard, we are currently experiencing a phase in which the spiritual awakening of humanity is taking on greater proportions than ever before. Seen in this way, a massive energetic acceleration is taking place and humanity is in the process of freeing itself from the clutches of the artificial matrix.

The veil is getting thinner and thinner

The veil is getting thinner and thinnerIn this context, the matrix is ​​not a place or a dimension in itself, but rather it is an illusory world that was built to specifically keep our minds in check. It is a system based on illusion, disinformation, lies, murder, intrigue and artifice (energetically dense structures) that was designed or has shaped/conditioned us in such a way that, firstly, we hardly notice this appearance, secondly, we protect it and thirdly, too still support. For many people, this illusory world has already become normal from the ground up; they don't know anything else and instinctively assume that everything in this world is somehow correct. When it comes to this, most people have never questioned the current system, let alone questioned it. People simply thought that the world is the way it is and that wars are unavoidable or even important, that in certain cases they would be unavoidable for the security and stability of our peoples. In exactly the same way, it was assumed that terrorist attacks such as September 11th were planned and carried out by alleged terrorists. For many people it was hardly possible that governments could be behind them and ultimately achieve their own geopolitical and economic goals with such attacks.

Due to the new Age of Aquarius and the associated expansion of collective consciousness, fewer and fewer people are being deceived by certain media and political authorities..!!

People almost never questioned anything. People simply trusted the mass media, gave them blind trust and accepted everything that was in the newspapers or even propagated on television.

Synchronized media – protection of the existing system

The exposure of the illusory world“Vaccinations are good for us and are needed to prevent certain diseases” – so you get vaccinated, “Illnesses such as cancer or even Alzheimer’s are incurable” – so you resign yourself to a supposed fate, “the fluoride added to drinking water is absolutely not harmful, in fact it is necessary for our health” - so you accept this, “Chemtrails is pure conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorists are idiots or right-wing populists” - so you believe this and automatically laugh at people who are informed about it, “free energy is nonsense and Nikola Tesla was a madman", - you allow doubts to be transported into your head, "terrorist attacks are usually carried out by people from Far Eastern countries who always take/leave their ID with them", - so you believe that and legitimize hatred and fear of other people in your own mind, “a natural or even vegan diet is unhealthy, you need meat to stay healthy” - so you continue to eat meat and ridicule vegans, “aspartame and other chemical additives in sweets and co. can be consumed safely” – you can be fooled again.

The fact that our media carries out a lot of propaganda, sometimes even war propaganda, and presents us with false facts and countless amounts of disinformation is no longer a secret for many people..!!

Basically you could go on like this forever. For many people, what is propagated in newspapers or even on television is law. You don't question what you're told, you just follow it (news…?!). In exactly the same way, past human history was not questioned, the two world wars or the enforcement of some very questionable laws.

What we can expect in the coming months

But this time is slowly coming to an end, because due to the current information age, the connection to the whole world via the Internet, truths and important information are spreading extremely quickly. If inconsistencies are discovered somewhere, this information can be sent around the world in no time. For this reason, the Internet has become an essential and very important medium today. Thanks to the Internet, more and more people are dealing with these intrigues, gaining a look behind the scenes and understanding again that our system media are completely aligned. Behind all media institutions there are various gentlemen who represent industrial, economic and geopolitical interests through their media authorities. Our press is in no way a free press, but rather a press that is solely responsible for protecting a system that restricts consciousness. The press will therefore no longer exist in this form for a long time. Sales figures are falling, fewer and fewer people are watching television and more and more people are getting their information from alternative sources. The time of power imbalance is slowly ending. In this context, the collective state of consciousness is currently developing at a rapid pace. More and more people are seeing through the geopolitical games - the energetically dense mechanisms created by the system, are once again dealing with the potential of their own minds and are becoming more powerful than ever because of this. In the meantime, so many people have “awakened” that it has become very difficult for the governments or the authorities/families/organizations that control the government to be able to continue their games unnoticed.

The end of the financial elite is near and their time is almost up. It is therefore only a matter of time before widespread lying constructs are completely exposed and a revolution takes place. The rethinking of humanity is unstoppable..!!

The people have become a serious threat to the financial elite, which is why there will be a lot of upheaval in the coming months. A lot will happen this year, which is often seen as a kind of key year. So on September 23, 2017, a unique cosmic event will reach us humans that will certainly raise the collective state of consciousness to a new level, or widespread “waking up processes” often occur on such days - I will also write an article on this in the next few days. Well, ultimately all I can say is that humanity is currently in the process of becoming completely free. A lot will happen in the near future and we can look forward to the coming period and look forward to this massive collective development. It is truly an awakening time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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