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For several years, many people have found themselves in a so-called process of spiritual awakening. In this context, the power of one's own spirit, one's own state of consciousness, comes to the fore again and people recognize their own creative potential. They become aware of their own mental abilities again and realize that they are creators of their own reality. At the same time, humanity as a whole is also becoming more sensitive, more spiritual and dealing with its own soul much more intensively. In this regard, it is also gradually being resolved our own materially oriented mind. We are less and less interested in material goods, in status symbols, financial wealth, luxury items and instead gain a stronger connection to nature, strive for a natural, nature-loving life.

The process of spiritual awakening is reaching more and more people

The process of spiritual awakening is reaching more and more peopleDue to the stronger identification with their own soul, more and more people recognize their own judgments and consequently begin to create a life free of judgements. Times in which we liked to gossip or even judge other people's lives or thoughts, times in which we frowned upon things that did not correspond to our own conditioned and inherited world view, are slowly ending and humanity as a whole is becoming more respectful and above all more tolerant. Respect, esteem, tolerance and charity, as far as that is concerned, manifest themselves more strongly again in the collective state of consciousness. As a result of the massive spiritual awakening, people and animals are less and less trampled on and instead protected + increasingly supported in their plan to thrive. Of course there are still a lot of problems in our world and chaos + wars are still being pushed by powerful authorities. But the situation is tipping and the spirit of humanity is slipping more and more out of the hands of the elites (NWO, financial elite that controls our world + all associated "authorities of power"). The times when you could massively contain + control the collective state of consciousness are slowly coming to an end. More and more people are getting a deeper look behind the scenes in this regard and are recognizing the disinformation-spreading system, a system that also takes targeted action against people who can be dangerous to those in power. In this context, the critical mass of bright people is slowly being reached.

One's thoughts and emotions always reach and expand the collective state of consciousness. The more people focus on a thought in this context, or are convinced of something, the more this is transferred to the world of thoughts of other people..!!

Ultimately, this means a certain number of people who, firstly, are dealing with their own primal cause and, secondly, have become aware of the political machinations. Due to the high number of “woke up” people, as I have often mentioned in my articles, we are slowly slipping into a phase that will be characterized by active action.

The Golden age

The Golden ageFor this reason, times are now upon us when humanity will initiate a peaceful resistance, a peaceful revolution, if you will. And this peaceful revolution happens through an inner, personal change. By creating a positive and above all peaceful state of consciousness, a state of consciousness that feels attracted to nature, we achieve something that will bring about great changes on our planet. All things that are artificial in nature or based on lies and mental containment (vaccinations, chemtrails, Haarp, unnatural/artificial diets, fluoride, television, etc.) are increasingly being rejected/cleansed by humanity, which in turn is also the Credibility + competitiveness of many companies to naught power. Slowly but surely, there is an inevitable turnaround, a change that is peaceful in nature on the one hand and, on the other hand, will lead us humans into a new age, an age in which important technological achievements + healing methods will no longer be suppressed. People like to talk about the so-called golden age, the beginning of which has often been predicted for the year 2025. In this age there will be world peace. People will respect each other again and interact together like one big family. In the same way, there will no longer be a system as we know it during this time, i.e. a system that spreads fears + disinformation, suppresses truths, sows lies and consciously makes/keeps us humans sick. All of this will then no longer exist. In the same way, illnesses will no longer be a special topic during this time.

No disease can thrive, let alone exist, in a basic and oxygen-rich cellular environment. A natural alkaline diet is therefore a key to health..!!

At the end of the day, every disease can be cured anyway, even if we are not supposed to know this (a healed patient is a lost customer). In this regard, there are also more than 400 effective healing methods for cancer, which unfortunately have all been / are being smashed by the pharmaceutical industry (risk of profit + loss of control). The same applies to free energy. After all, everything in existence consists of energy or energetic states. This energy, Albert Einstein called it in the universe (the dark, supposedly empty areas) as ether. This energy can be tapped, so Nikola Tesla was also able to tap into this energy. In his time, he had the goal of supplying the entire world with free energy. The Rockefellers threw a spanner in the works, however, since this would destroy the dependency on oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy. The families in question, who earn billions from these energy sources, would have lost their power as a result, or rather they would have had to give it up. Just as they knew that this would make mankind freer mentally as well as physically in the long run.

The lies of the powerful are being exposed by more people every day and it's only a matter of time before a peaceful revolution occurs..!!

So, without further ado, his knowledge and laboratories were smashed and Tesla was labeled as a crackpot. Ultimately, Nikola Tesla's life was completely ruined. Nonetheless, all of this will be in golden age be present again. There will be no more oppression and humanity will be completely free + live in prosperity and above all in harmony with nature. None of this is utopia either, but an age that is soon to come. The NWO can no longer win the game either, although some people still doubt it. For this reason we should welcome the coming time and consider ourselves lucky that we were born into a time in which we can witness such a tremendous change. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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