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On some spiritual sites it is often said that due to the process of spiritual awakening, one would completely change one's life and, as a result, look for new friends or would no longer have anything to do with old friends after a while. Due to the new mental orientation and the newly aligned frequency, you would no longer be able to identify with your old friends and as a result you would attract new people, living conditions and friends into your life. But is there any truth to it at all or is it much more dangerous half-knowledge that is being spread. In this article I will get to the bottom of this question and describe my own experiences in this regard.

Frequency increase = New friends?

Frequency increase = New friends?Of course, I have to mention first of all that there is some truth to the statement. At the end of the day, it looks like you always attract things into your own life that also correspond to your own charisma. For example, if you were working in a slaughterhouse and suddenly came to the realization overnight that every life is precious and you can no longer identify with the "slaughter practice" (murder of animals) in any way, then you would automatically change your job and bring a new job or a new situation into your life. That would then be a natural consequence of the newly gained knowledge. But would this also be the case with one's own friends, meaning that one would no longer have anything to do with one's own friends due to newly gained knowledge, that one would distance oneself from them and attract new people/friends into one's own life? In this context, there are recent movements that portray spirituality (the emptiness of the mind) as demonic, claiming that one should even lose/let go of one's old friends. Ultimately, this is dangerous half-knowledge that is being spread and may even lead some people to believe it. But it is a fallacy, which in turn contains only a grain of truth. That's an assertion that can't be generalized in any way.

You always draw into your life what corresponds to your own charisma, what corresponds to your own beliefs and convictions..!!

Of course there are such cases. Imagine you have groundbreaking self-realizations overnight, coming to the conclusion that every living being is valuable, or that politics merely spreads disinformation, or that God is basically a gigantic all-pervasive spirit (consciousness) from which everyone creative expression emerges and you would then tell your friends about it, but you would only get rejection.

Dangerous half-knowledge

Dangerous half-knowledgeIn such cases it would of course be true, at least if your friends thought all this was nonsense, if there was a fight and you wouldn't get along at all anymore. In such a case, one would of course draw new friends into one's own life and then have nothing to do with the old friends. Ultimately, however, this would also arise out of affect instead of out of compulsion ("You have to let go of your old friends"). However, this would only be a single example. It could all turn out very differently. For example, you tell your friends about it and they listen to you enthusiastically, are happy about the knowledge and try to deal with it. Or you tell your friends about it, who might not be able to do much with it afterwards, but still like you, want to remain friends with you and in no way ridicule you for your new views or even judge you. There are countless scenarios that could then take place. Scenarios in which one would encounter rejection, or scenarios in which one continues to experience friendship. In my case, for example, my friendships continued to be maintained. In this context, I have had 2 best friends for countless years. In the past we never came into contact with spiritual topics, we were not at all familiar with spirituality, politics (financial elite and co.) and other such topics, the opposite was even the case. One night, however, I came to various self-awarenesses.

A single evening changed my entire life. Due to a self-knowledge, I revised my entire worldview and thus changed the further course of my life..!!

As a result, I dealt with these issues on a daily basis and changed all my beliefs and beliefs. Of course, one evening I told my 2 best friends about it. I didn't know exactly how they would react to that, but I knew that they would never laugh at me for it or that our friendship could break because of it.

One should not generalize things

One should not generalize things

At first it was of course very strange for the two of them, but they didn't laugh at me for it and even believed the whole thing a little somewhere. In the meantime, 3 years have passed since that day and our friendship has not broken in any way, but has even grown. Of course we are all 3 very different people, some of whom have completely different views of life or philosophize about other things, pursue other things and pursue other interests, but we are still best friends, 3 people who love each other like brothers. Some of them have even developed a penchant for spirituality and know exactly that our world based on disinformation is a product of powerful families (which would not have been a condition - it just happened that way). Basically, we all still lead 3 completely different lives and yet, when we meet again on a weekend, we understand each other blindly and feel our deep connection to each other, keep up our best friendship and never know what will stand between us. For this reason I can only partially agree with this statement "that one would lose all one's old friends because of the process of spiritual awakening". It is a statement that cannot be generalized in any way. There are definitely people for whom this is the case, people who then completely repel each other in terms of frequency/views and beliefs and no longer want to have anything to do with each other, but there are also people or friendships who are in no way affected by this be affected and continue to exist as a result. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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