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From tomorrow or today the new month of August begins and with it, as in every month, completely new influences reach us. The month of August could be all about spiritual and spiritual development and accompany us into a new phase of awakening. In this regard, the late summer period in August also represents a kind of beginning of the transition into autumn and therefore stands for transition and change.

What happens next with the collective awakening?

What happens next with the collective awakening?This change can also be transferred to current spiritual development in the truest sense of the word, because one currently has the feeling that the planetary awakening process is taking on completely new dimensions. In this context, for example, various deceptions and actions that are initiated by the pullers within the illusory system are becoming more and more obvious and are subsequently being questioned by more and more people, even by people who have not previously dealt with these issues in any way. The current, sometimes frightening fires in Greece are a prime example of this, because, similar to a year ago in California, there are extremely many circumstances that indicate that these fires were deliberately triggered by energy weapons (the fact that such energy weapons exist is not a “conspiracy theory”) , but a fact, even if the relevant facts are deliberately defamed by the mass media - suppression of the truth - anyone who can easily manipulate the weather using hairpin can also start forest fires using appropriate technologies). Normally, or even a few years ago, people who uncover such facts would largely have been ridiculed, but this time it was different and even in comparison to California, one could “observe” an extremely large number of people who dealt with this fact without prejudice, yes, some friends even came to me and told me about it. Otherwise, my brother also noticed a certain change in his friends list, i.e. views critical of the system were being posted by people who, a few years ago, labeled relevant facts as “conspiracy theories”.

The process of collective awakening is inevitable and has been reaching more and more people for some time now, at an unprecedented pace. It is a wildfire of truth that cannot be extinguished..!!

Otherwise, alternative or rather spiritual and system-critical channels/platforms are becoming increasingly stronger and gaining massive reach, which again clearly indicates an impending change or the change that is already taking place (in addition, more and more corresponding platforms are emerging).

Portal day calendar & personal feelings

Portal day calendar & personal feelings To get to the point, even though there are of course still people who strictly reject such topics, I have noticed such an enormous development in the process of spiritual awakening like no other year before. The truth about our own cause and the false system is spreading more and more (like wildfire) and changing the collective spirit. It is only a matter of time until a critical mass of “awakened people” is reached. This development will certainly become much larger in August and reach countless more people. The page eva-maria-eleni.blogspot.com even speaks of a very big leap that many people can and will take this month. Well then, otherwise the month of August could also give us a new “energy boost”. As for me personally, the heat wave of the last few weeks has put me out of action in a certain way, i.e. I was pretty sleepy, slightly dissatisfied, couldn't maintain my diet, didn't get much sleep and was generally weak, which is why I I didn't create any videos during this time (instead of forcing something, I just let it be). I also think that this happened to many people, although I have to emphasize at this point that each person reacts to such weather conditions in a completely individual way. Nevertheless, I feel inside that this will change completely in the coming month and that a time is now dawning that will give us momentum and strength. This feeling is actually very strong within me.

The coming portal days

As far as the portal days are concerned, we have six different portal days this month, which is quite a few compared to last month. The complete calendar looks like this:

August:          2. 10. 15. 18. 23. 29.
September:    5. 6. 13. 17.
October:        4. 6. 25. 26.
November:    14. 16.
December:     3. 7. 14. 15. 22. 28.

From a “portal day” perspective, things will be a little quieter in the coming months, which can also be of benefit to us, especially after the last few stormy months. How the coming months, and especially the month of August, will turn out remains to be seen. However, one thing should be said, what will happen depends only on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities, because we are the creators of our lives, we are the designers of our own destiny. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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