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We humans all create our own life, our own reality, using our own mental imagination. All of our actions, life events and situations are ultimately just a product of our own thoughts, which in turn are closely linked to the orientation of our own state of consciousness. At the same time, our own beliefs and beliefs flow into the creation/shaping of our reality. What you think and feel in this regard, what corresponds to your inner beliefs, always manifests itself as truth in your own life. But there are also negative beliefs that in turn lead to us imposing blockages on ourselves. For this reason, I have now started a series of articles in which I talk about various blocking beliefs.

Man cannot become fully enlightened?!

Self-imposed beliefs

In the first 3 articles I discussed everyday beliefs in this context: “I'm not beautiful","I can't do that","Others are better/more important than me", but in this article I will address a much more specific belief, namely that man cannot be fully enlightened. In this regard, I read a comment some time ago from a person who was firmly convinced that one could not become fully enlightened oneself. Someone else assumed that there would be no breakthrough in the reincarnation cycle. But when I read these comments, I immediately realized that this was just her own beliefs. Ultimately, you can't generalize things because, after all, we humans create our own reality and our own accompanying beliefs. What seems impossible to one person is a feasible possibility to another person. You just can't generalize things and project your own self-imposed blockage onto other people, or you can't present things as a generally valid reality/correctness, because every person creates their own reality and has completely individual views on life. This principle can therefore also be perfectly transferred to this self-imposed belief. If someone is convinced that one cannot achieve complete enlightenment, then that person cannot achieve it, at least not as long as that person is convinced of it.

You cannot transfer your own beliefs and beliefs to other people because they are only a product of your OWN mental imagination..!!

But that is just another aspect of his reality and does not apply to other people. By the way, the fact that this shouldn't work is also strongly linked to the belief "I can't do that" connected. Well, but why shouldn't you be able to experience complete enlightenment yourself, why shouldn't it be possible to overcome your own reincarnation cycle.

Self-imposed blockages

Self-imposed blockagesAt the end of the day, everything is possible and even the creation of a completely positive spectrum of thoughts, the realization of a completely clear state of consciousness or the overcoming of one's own dualitarian existence is possible. Of course, each person has to find out for themselves how this works. Personally, I have found my own way and am convinced that I have found a solution, a possibility, which in turn is only based on my own beliefs or convictions. If you would like to know more about this, I can recommend the following articles: The Reincarnation Cycle – What happens when death occurs?The light body process and its stages – the training of your own divine selfThe Force Awakens - The Rediscovery of Magical Abilities. Nevertheless, when it comes to this, we all go our own way and can choose how we can achieve certain things. By the way, when it comes to projecting beliefs onto other people, a person once told me that people who report spiritual experiences and even make it their job cannot overcome their own reincarnation cycle. It was a comment that had a strong influence on me at the time and made me doubt my own abilities. It wasn't until some time later that I realized that this was just his own belief and had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Every person creates their own beliefs and beliefs, creates their own life, their own reality and, above all, individual views on life..!!

If he assumes that this is the case in his life, then in such a position he would not be able to overcome this process due to his blocking convictions. Ultimately, this was just his belief, his self-created blockage, which he cannot transfer to my life. You can't speak for other people and tell them how something should be, that's simply not possible because every person creates their own reality, their own beliefs and their own views on life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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