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Cycles and cycles are an integral part of our lives. We humans are accompanied by the most diverse cycles. In this context, these different cycles can be traced back to the principle of rhythm and vibration, and because of this principle, every human being also experiences an overarching, almost incomprehensible cycle, namely the cycle of rebirth. Ultimately, many people wonder if the so-called reincarnation cycle, or cycle of rebirth, exists. One often asks oneself what happens after death, whether we humans continue to exist in some way. Is there a life after death? What is it about the often mentioned light that many people have experienced briefly clinically dead? If we continue to live after death, are we reborn or do we then enter a so-called nothingness, a “place” where our own existence completely loses meaning, a state of “non-existence”.

The cycle of rebirth

light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel rebirthBasically, it looks like every living being is in a cycle of rebirth. As far as we humans are concerned, we have been going through this process for thousands of years. We are born, grow up, develop our personalities, get to know new moral views, develop further, experience different life situations, usually get old until we finally die again in order to be able to be born again. In this regard, old souls, i.e. souls that already have a higher incarnation age (measured by the number of their incarnations), have lived through many epochs. Whether in antiquity, the early Middle Ages, or even the Renaissance, due to the cycle of reincarnation, we humans have already experienced many lives. Since our consciousness or our souls do not have any direct dualistic/sexual aspects (the soul could of course be described as the female aspect, the spirit as the male counterpart), we had partly male and partly female bodies/incarnations in our different lives. In this context, our life is about constantly developing ourselves morally, mentally and spiritually. It's about maturing spiritually yourself in order to be able to reach new incarnation levels/vibration levels in the reincarnation cycle.

All material and immaterial states are ultimately an expression of an energetic source, which is given form by conscious creative spirit..!!

In this regard, it must be pointed out again that every person is ultimately just a mental expression of an energetic source. A ground that consists of consciousness/thoughts and in turn has the aspect of consisting of energetic states, which in turn vibrate on frequencies. The human body or the complete reality of a human being, the complete, current state of consciousness, consists ultimately of a complex energetic state that oscillates at a corresponding frequency.

Our own vibrational frequency determines progress in the reincarnation cycle

reincarnation-terminateEach person therefore has an individual energetic signature, a unique vibrational frequency. Since our life is only a product of our own mental spectrum, our own thoughts also influence our own vibration frequency (every action is a mental result, first come the thoughts/imagination - then the realization/manifestation happens - you're about to go for a walk, first If you imagine going for a walk, think about it, then by doing the action you realize the thought on a material level). A positive spectrum of thoughts, traced back to morally “correct” or positive/harmonious/peaceful inner beliefs, worldviews and views, increase our own vibration frequency, de-densify our energetic foundation, resolve mental blockages and improve our health. A negative spectrum of thoughts, attributed to coldness of heart, injustice, an inner imbalance, malicious world views or malicious behavior (e.g. right-wing ideas), reduce our own vibration frequency, condense our own energetic foundation, block our natural flow and have a lasting impact on our own physical and mental health Constitution. The lower the vibration frequency of a person when death occurs, the lower the energetic classification will be after death. At this point it must also be said that death itself does not exist; what takes place is ultimately a change in our mental state. Our soul leaves the body and enters the “beyond” (beyond – this world, traced back to the universal principle of duality/polarity – apart from the space-timeless, energetic original ground, everything has 2 poles, 2 sides, 2 aspects). The afterlife consists of 7 vibration frequency levels.

Our own state of vibration places us in a frequency level of the hereafter..!!

When “death” occurs, your own frequented state adjusts to the appropriate/similar vibration frequency level. So an energetic classification takes place. The higher your own mental/spiritual/moral development or the higher your own frequency vibrates, the higher the level into which you are classified. Over time, you will automatically be reborn so that you can have another chance to further develop yourself. The higher the frequency level into which you have been placed, the longer it takes for rebirth to occur (a soul that is already very advanced in its development naturally needs fewer incarnations in order to be able to mature further). Conversely, a low vibration frequency when death occurs leads to being classified in a low frequency level. The result is an early or accelerated incarnation.

A complete decondensation of one's own reality leads at the end of the day to the end of the reincarnation cycle..!!

In this way, the universe grants you another, fast-paced, mental development. Ultimately, you can only end the reincarnation cycle by reaching such a high vibrational state that no further development has to take place or, better said, no more energetic classification takes place. Ultimately, this can only be achieved by becoming the master of your own incarnation, by completely de-densifying your own energetic foundation and increasing your own vibration frequency to the maximum. This is made possible through the legitimation/realization of a completely positive spectrum of thoughts in one's own mind, through the transformation of all one's own shadow parts (traumas, karmic entanglements from various incarnations, ego parts). These various aspects are also due to a complete psychological connection, which also includes the acceptance/dissolution/transformation of one's egoistic mind. What happens then is almost magical, borders on miracles and can hardly be grasped by your own mind. One then achieves a state of physical immortality (the soul is already immortal in itself, one's own mental existence cannot dissolve). If you would like to find out more about this or in general about magical abilities, immortality, levitation, dematerialization, teleportation and other abilities, I can only warmly recommend this article: The Force Awakens - The Rediscovery of Magical Abilities!!! With this in mind, I say goodbye to you and end the article, otherwise the topic would go beyond the scope here. So stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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