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For thousands of years, the soul has been mentioned in countless religions, cultures and languages ​​all over the world. Every human being has a soul or an intuitive mind, but very few people are aware of this divine instrument and therefore usually act more from the lower principles of the egoistic mind and only rarely from this divine aspect of creation. The connection to the soul is a decisive factor to achieve mental balance. But what exactly is the soul and how can you become aware of it again?

The soul embodies the divine principle in all of us!

The soul is the high-vibration, intuitive aspect within all of us that provides us with life force, wisdom and friendly disposition every day. Everything in the universe consists of oscillating energy, whether galaxy or bacterium, deep inside both structures there are only energetic particles, which are all connected to each other due to the overcome space-time (these energetic particles vibrate so high, move so fast that space-time does not has an effect on this). The more positively charged these particles are, the higher they vibrate, and the reverse is true with a negative charge. The subtle, energetic structure of a largely pessimistic or negative thinking and acting person vibrates accordingly low. The soul is a very high vibrational aspect within us and therefore only embodies divine/positive values ​​(honesty, kindness, unconditional love, selflessness, mercy, etc.).

For example, people who completely identify with these values ​​and largely act based on these principles always act from their intuitive mind, from their soul. Basically, everyone acts out of the mental aspect at some point in their life. For example, if someone were asked for directions, that person would never react in a dismissive, judgmental or selfish way; on the contrary, they would be friendly, helpful and show their compassionate, spiritual side to them. Humans need the love of other fellow human beings, because we draw our life force from this energy source that has always existed.

Only the egoistic mind ensures that we subconsciously hide our soul in certain situations, for example when someone blindly judges the life of another person. The intuitive mind is also completely connected with the whole, with the subtle dimensionalities, due to the very high energetic natural vibration. For this reason, we also constantly receive promptings or, to put it another way, intuitive knowledge in life. But our minds often make us doubt and that's why many people don't realize their intuitive gift.

The intuitive mind makes itself felt in many life situations.

The intuitive mindThis is noticeable in many life situations, I'll take a simple example. Imagine you had a date with a nice lady or a nice guy and afterwards the person you spoke to wrote strangely or canceled the next meeting due to irrationality. If the person you are talking to is not interested in you, you sense it, your intuition lets you feel/know it.

But often we don't trust this feeling and then let our minds blind us. You are in love, you feel that something is wrong, but you cannot respond to this feeling because you do not want to accept such a situation yourself. You let yourself be guided by your supracausal mind and get more and more into the feelings or into this situation until at the end of the day the whole thing breaks down in a hard way. Another example would be influencing your thought power. You are connected to everything that exists and because of this you influence the realities of all people. The more one becomes aware of oneself, the stronger one's own power of thought becomes. For example, if I think intensively about the law of resonance and a friend then comes by and then tells me that he has heard about the law of resonance, or I am then increasingly confronted with people in other ways who have been dealing with it for a short time, then my mind would tell me that it was coincidence (Of course there is no coincidence, only conscious actions and unknown facts).

But my intuition then tells me that I was partly responsible for my friend or the relevant people dealing with it. Through my thought process I have influenced the thought process of other people and thanks to my intuitive gift I know that this is the case. And since I firmly believe in it and am 100% convinced of it, this feeling manifests itself as truth in my reality. When you understand this intuitive principle and trust your feelings and pay attention, it gives you incredible strength and self-confidence. Another small example, I'm watching a film with my brother, and suddenly I notice an actor who is inappropriate (for example because he was acting badly at the moment), when my feeling tells me that my brother would also like it If it registered 100%, then I know that it is true. When I ask him about it, he confirms it immediately, which is why I get along blindly with my brother. In almost every situation, we always know what the other person felt or thought about.

The counterpart to the egoistic mind

The Selfish Mind

The soul is almost the opposite of the egoistic mind. Through the egoistic mind, we often limit ourselves in so many situations because we deny our own feelings and only act based on lower behavior patterns. This base principle robs our unbiased curiosity and lets us wander blindly through life. Someone who largely identifies with this limiting mind would, for example, laugh at this text or my words and would not be able to judge what was said based on this. Instead, my written words would be condemned and frowned upon. You should put aside your judgmental mind because every human being, every living being is a unique individual and no human being has the right to judge the life of another human being. We all have a mind, a soul, a body, desires and dreams and are all made up of the same energetic particles of creation.

This aspect makes us all equal (of course I don't mean that we all think, feel, act, etc. the same) and because of this it should be our duty to always treat other people and animals with love, respect and respect. No matter what skin color a person has, what origin they come from, what sexual preferences, wishes and dreams a person has, it is important that every single person is completely loved and respected in their individuality. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live your life in light and harmony.

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