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Within the current overarching Ascension process in which humanity is reconnecting with its sacred self (the highest manifestable image you can bring to life of yourself), many changes happen during the experience of this transformation. In this context, for example, we experience a complete change in our body's biochemistry. This is exactly how our 13 strand DNA (the primordial DNA) fully reactivated. Our pineal gland has returned to its original functional level, both of our cerebral hemispheres work in harmony with each other again (synchronization).

The Lightbody Training

The Lightbody TrainingThese physical or material processes are completely triggered by the increase in our own self-image, because the more original the image we have of ourselves (you yourself are the original source - and since the outer world is a direct image of yourself and vice versa, you can also see the source of all being on the outside, there is no separation, everything is one. Every person, as part of their own reality, can make this big picture come true), the more original are the processes within our physical being. One could also say, the holier (healer) becomes the image that we let come to life of ourselves, the more healing we bring to our entire system and consequently also to the outer world, because the outer world together with the collective is significantly influenced by our being (everything, be it our own cells or even the collective mind, truly everything reacts to our state of being - because everything is permeated by us). Well, on a subtle level, one of the greatest miracles ever happens, because the lighter or lighter our all-encompassing reality or, to put it another way, our entire being, becomes, the more our Merkaba, that is, formed our light body, out of. In this regard, every human being has a corresponding light body. However, within a life anchored in Density, its structure shows no formation or the Lightbody is hardly active in such a state, simply because our state is held in limitation by heaviness.

Everything is possible

The state of limitation is the complete opposite of a fully ascended state, it is the path of ignorance, aging, lack, fear and disease. However, the more we allow our self-image to rise to the highest heavenly realm, the more we manifest an opposite being, i.e. a state based on wisdom, rejuvenation, abundance, healing and ultimately based on physical immortality. The light body, which in this context is also often described as a divine chariot, represents a special interface. When it is fully formed, we are granted all of our original abilities again, i.e. we are then, due to our perfect condition, able to use the greatest ones to work only imaginable miracles.

The Halo

The HaloYour entire mind, body and soul system is then simply filled with lightness, vibrates at such a high frequency, has become so light and fulfilling that we have managed to spiritually enter the highest realm (what can also be called the Kingdom of God - this is the highest state of consciousness based on the merger with God and Christ - the gehealed/holy spirit). For that matter, this ascension also represents the ultimate goal of every human being, at least this mastery becomes active at the end of one's last incarnation. Whether one is aware of it or not, whether one wants to or not, whether one has already become capable of even imagining this mastery as a creator, or whether one still remains in a limited state of one's imagination , one's own belief and one's own general strength is not sufficient for this, it is the final state or the highest state that can be experienced. A state accompanied by permanent abundance, bliss, unconditional love, wisdom, healing, radiance, holiness and divinity. It is the potential that is presented to us in this world even in the form of Christ or His Master state. Well, and this grand master's exam represents the accomplishment of the halo. Compare it at this point on a systemic level to the driver's license, mostly in name first of all, to make it clear that it's an exam. With the big difference, of course, that the test of the halo is probably the greatest test of human existence. It is basically overcoming the human condition with all its temptations, problems, conflicts, suffering and limitations. It is a manifestation of the most holy image of a self, accompanied by 100% limitlessness and above all a heart that is just as 100% pure.

The state of harmony

The state of harmonyOne could also say, a human being who has reentered his divine image and, accordingly, was able to expand his mind and, above all, his heart to the highest point. One is again fully aware of one's own creative potential. You carry the wisdom about existence, the source, God and life itself completely within you. You could reintegrate all the lost sacred/spiritual parts and revive paradise in your own spirit. And it is precisely this great master's test that the entire human civilization is currently going through (everyone at their own pace, of course). It is also the key to mastering/healing the entire world. For it is a state free from all dependencies, free from all toxicity, free from all systemic attachments, free from resentment, hatred, lack and suffering. A state completely filled with closeness to nature, unconditional love, respect for life, nature, wildlife and the will to just want to bring paradise back to earth (because in this state one not only has the knowledge about this possible healed world, but one only wishes the most sacred things for the earth and its inhabitants). And as I said, how is paradise, love, happiness and peace to be fully manifest in the world, how is a golden age to return when we ourselves are still anchored in density? How is peace to return when we ourselves are still in strife? How will a kingdom of God return if we keep ourselves spiritually bound by limitation. As on the inside, so on the outside, as on the outside, so on the inside. Be what you wish for in this world. And at the end of the day, mastering the halo or mastering this greatest test is accompanied by a radiance and, above all, a surrounding glow, which one could literally call a halo. It is then our light body that has become visible in the form of a healed/holy/lightful aura.

Final note

But well, before I end the article, I would like to point out once again that you can also find the content in the form of an article reading on my Youtube channel, on Spotify and on Soundcloud. The video is embedded below, and links to the audio version are below:

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With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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