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energy surge

After mostly strong electromagnetic influences reached us in the last few weeks (only a few days were calm in this regard), today we were again affected by influences that were so powerful (and still are) that I am simply speechless. You can see the values ​​in the image linked below. It's just impressive what happened today - it's hard to put into words.

Strong influences
The most violent energy surge ever?!

energy surgeIt should be said that, especially in the current age of awakening, there are always stronger increases. Ultimately, as has been explained many times, this weakens the earth's magnetic field, which means that more cosmic influences reach our planet. These energies have a huge influence on our own mental state. In some cases, this leads to strong cleansing and transformation processes, through which we humans not only gain a deeper understanding of our own spiritual origins and the illusory world that surrounds us (matrix system, - NWO), but we can also resolve countless inner conflicts. Through these influences, we are often confronted with old sustainable life patterns (thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and beliefs), which can lead to cleansing/purification. These are therefore very important impulses in the current age of awakening, which is now extremely noticeable on all levels of existence. These strong inflows can also make us feel very overwhelmed and exhausted, simply because our mind/body/spirit system (our reality, our life, our space) has to process the strong influences. But the influences can also have completely opposite effects, which makes us feel extremely dynamic. We're just bursting with energy. For example, yesterday I was rather sluggish. I felt like I was surrounded by chaos and had a lot to do, but the day was still successful (in the end I got a lot done). Today I felt renewed again and was full of life energy. I was able to work with great concentration, was constantly in a good mood, did intensive sports and was generally proud of what I had accomplished yesterday. In general, in the last few days and weeks (especially in the last week) I have been able to resolve some conflicts within myself and lay important foundations. The sluggishness and other unfulfilled feelings that prevailed for me yesterday were completely gone today.

Today's influences were so powerful that they could fundamentally change our mood and also our mental orientation..!!

Ultimately, this also illustrates how quickly your own mood can change. As Buddha once said, we are reborn every morning and are therefore always given the chance to realign our minds. The extremely strong energies today were very cleansing in nature and could fundamentally change our mood. Of course, every person deals with such strong inflows in a completely individual way. Nevertheless, they are influences that bring about change, purification, transformation and change. Tomorrow the influences will certainly continue to be as strong, at least that's what the picture above suggests. It would definitely fit, especially since we have a portal day the day after tomorrow. Ultimately, as always, I will keep you updated. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

Source: http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7

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