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Not all people today believe in God or a divine existence, an apparently unknown power that exists from the hidden and is responsible for our lives. Likewise, there are many people who believe in God, but feel separate from him. You pray to God, you are convinced of his existence, but you still feel left alone by him, you experience a feeling of divine separation. This feeling has a reason and can be traced back to our egoistic mind. Because of this mind, we experience a dualistic world every day, experience a sense of separateness, and often think in material, 3-dimensional patterns.

The feeling of separateness 3-dimensional thinking and acting

mental-thinkingThe selfish mind in this context is the 3 dimensional energetically dense/low vibrational mind. This aspect of a person is therefore responsible for the production of energetic density or the reduction of one's own vibration frequency. The complete reality of a person is ultimately a pure energetic state, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency. This includes the entire existence (the body, words, thoughts, actions, consciousness). Negative thoughts reduce our own vibration frequency and can be equated with energetic density. Positive thoughts, in turn, increase one's own vibration frequency and can be equated with energetic light. So whenever one's own vibrational frequency decreases, when one is sad, greedy, jealous, selfish, angry, suffering, etc., then this action is due to the subconscious legitimacy of the egoistic mind in one's own mind. In exactly the same way, 3-dimensional, material thinking can also be traced back to this mind. If, for example, you try to imagine God, but you are stuck in material thought patterns, cannot see beyond the horizon and because of this you are unable to make any progress in your imagination or, better yet, in your knowledge of this, then this is, firstly, living out the 3-dimensional Intellect and secondly due to a lack of connection to the mental mind. The soul mind, in turn, is the 5-dimensional, intuitive, sensitive aspect of every human being and also represents our compassionate, caring, loving side. Someone who has a strengthened connection to this high-vibration mind is automatically granted higher knowledge, especially knowledge around the immaterial universe. You then no longer only think rigidly in 3-dimensional patterns, but can suddenly imagine, understand and feel things that were seemingly previously unimaginable thanks to the increased connection to the spiritual mind. As far as God is concerned, one understands, for example, that he is not a material person/being that exists behind or over our universe and watches over us, but rather that God is a complex consciousness that individualizes and experiences itself.

Consciousness, the supreme authority in existence...!!

A consciousness that is hard to grasp and that expresses itself in all material and immaterial states and at the same time represents the highest authority in existence. A gigantic consciousness that, deep inside, consists exclusively of an energetic state that vibrates at a certain frequency. Since a person's entire life is ultimately just a mental projection of their consciousness, each person represents an image of God. God therefore never leaves us, there is no separation from him, since he is permanently present, expresses himself through our being, surrounds us in the form of all material states and can never leave. Everything is God and God is everything. If you understand/feel that again and become aware that God is present throughout, and that you even represent God as an expression of yourself, then you will no longer feel abandoned by him in this regard. The feeling of separation dissolves and a connection to higher spheres is granted to you.

God is not responsible for our suffering

what is godIf you look at the whole construct, you also realize that God is not responsible for the suffering on our planet in this sense. We often blame God for the chaotic planetary circumstance. One cannot understand why there is so much suffering on our planet, why children have to die, why there is hunger and the world is plagued by wars. In moments like this you often ask yourself how a God could allow something like that. But God has nothing to do with this directly; this fact is much more due to people who legitimize chaos in their own minds. If someone goes and kills another human being, then the blame does not lie with God at that moment, but rather with the person who committed the act. That's why nothing happens by chance on our planet. Everything has a reason, every bad act, every suffering and above all every war was consciously initiated and created by people. For this reason, only we humans are able to change this circumstance, only humanity itself is able to change the warlike planetary circumstance. The best and most effective way to achieve this goal again is to regain a connection to the spiritual mind. If you can do that again and allow inner peace to return, if you start living in harmony again, then you create a peaceful environment in an autodidactic way.

Every person is important to be able to realize global peace...!!

In this context it should be said that one's own thoughts and feelings always reach the collective state of consciousness and change it. Therefore every human being is in demand and every human being is important for the realization of a peaceful planetary circumstance. As the Dalai Lama once said: There is no way to peace, because peace is the way. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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