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Everything in the universe is made of energy, specifically vibrating energetic states or consciousness that has the aspect of being made of energy. Energetic states that in turn oscillate at a corresponding frequency. There are an infinite number of frequencies that differ only in that they are negative or positive in nature (+ frequencies/fields, -frequencies/fields). The frequency of a condition can increase or decrease in this context. Low vibration frequencies always result in a compression of energetic states. High vibration frequencies or frequency increases in turn de-densify energetic states. Simply put, negativity of any kind can be equated with energetic density or low frequencies, and conversely positivity of any kind can be equated with energetic light or higher frequencies. Since the entire existence of a person ultimately vibrates at a corresponding frequency, in this article I will introduce you to by far the greatest vibration frequency killer that is still present in the minds of many people.

The legitimation of low vibrational frequencies in one's own mind (judgments)

Nip judgments in the budEven Albert Einstein said in his time that it is more difficult to smash a prejudice than an atom and he was absolutely right. Judgments are more relevant than ever these days. We humans are so conditioned in this regard that as soon as something does not correspond to our own world view, we judge it and laugh at the corresponding knowledge. As soon as a person or even a person's world of thought does not correspond to your own world view or does not fit into your own idea of ​​the world, you point the finger at the person in question and make fun of them. Through judgments that we legitimize in our own minds, we also accept an internal exclusion from other people in our own minds. You cannot identify with this person and for this reason you keep your distance. The whole thing is somewhere reminiscent of a phenomenon of the Second World War, people whose subconscious was conditioned by the propaganda media so that they pointed the finger at the Jews, denounced/excluded them and didn't even begin to question it, yes that even perceived it as normal. In exactly the same way, a lot of people these days engage in gossip. You take it upon yourself and gossip about other people, exclude them, discredit them and thereby act entirely on your own selfish mind out without being aware of it. At this point it should be said that judgments and blasphemies massively narrow one's own intellectual horizons or limit one's own intellectual abilities.

Judgments condense your own energetic foundation..!!

For example, how are you supposed to broaden your own intellectual horizon if you fundamentally reject things that do not correspond to your own worldview. You can't approach certain topics without prejudice or bias, you're not open to studying both sides of the same coin and you narrow your own mind because of it. In addition, judgments are ultimately negative in nature and therefore condense one's own energetic foundation.

Every life is valuable

Every life is valuableOne legitimizes negative thoughts about another person in one's own mind, thus lowering one's vibrational frequency. There is hardly anything in today's world that places a greater burden on one's own busy state. For this reason, it is highly advisable to nip judgments in the bud. In the end, we not only decondense our own energetic basis, but also increasingly act from our own mental mind out of here. But how can we manage to make judgments? In which we understand again that every life is valuable, in which we become aware again that every human being is a valuable creature, a unique creator of his or her own reality. Ultimately, we are all just an expression of a divine source, a basic energetic structure that flows through everything in existence and is responsible for our existence. For this reason, we should appreciate and respect our fellow human beings rather than disparaging other people. Apart from that we have no right to judge another person's life, I mean who gives us the legitimacy to do so? For example, how is a peaceful world supposed to develop if we ourselves judge other people and consciously exclude them. This does not create peace, only hate. Hatred and anger towards other people's lives (hatred, which by the way is due to a lack of self-love, but that's another story).

We are all unique individuals..!!

For this reason, we should set aside all our judgments and respect and protect the lives of other living beings. At the end of the day, we are all human. We are all made of flesh and blood, have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, a brain, have consciousness, create our own reality and therefore we should all think of ourselves as one big family. In this context, it doesn't matter at all what nationality a person is, what sexual orientation they live out, what skin color they have, what religion they belong to and, above all, what faith they have deep in their hearts. We are all unique individuals and that is exactly how we should behave. Love and appreciate your fellow human beings, treat them exactly the way you would like to be treated and help the world to have a little more peace. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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