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resonant frequency

For several years our planet has experienced a continuous increase in its own frequency. The earth's magnetic field is continually weakened, which means that increased cosmic radiation reaches us. This ultimately changes the collective state of consciousness, which subsequently leads to a massive further development of human civilization. In this way, the overall spiritual level increases because people explore their own own spiritual foundation and begins to recognize/question the background of the current illusory system.

Huge transformation potential

resonant frequencyBasically, we become much more sensitive overall and begin to develop our own mental abilities. Self-love is increasingly developed again - even if it often only happens after the shadow-heavy life circumstances have been cleared up (during this time of purification/transformation we free ourselves from our self-imposed inner conflicts). This is exactly how we begin to realize ourselves more, ultimately allowing our true nature to become manifest. We regain a connection to nature and recognize all mechanisms that are directed against nature. As a result, we also gain a completely new identification. We turn our gaze more inward and discard our materially oriented views, beliefs and convictions. For this reason, many people are currently experiencing a complete realignment of their own minds and are creating a completely new world view. You look behind the scenes of life and expose conditions that are based on lies, disinformation and injustice. It is a truly special time into which we have been incarnated.

In the current time of spiritual change, we humans are experiencing a constant development of our own mind/body/spirit system, which at the end of the day manifests an increase in our spiritual level..!!

Ultimately, during this time we often come across days when an increased energetic circumstance can completely change our mental state or frequency increases/changes that greatly benefit the collective state of consciousness. In exactly the same way, the current weeks are again very intensive/cleansing in nature. In this context, for example, stronger electromagnetic storms (flares) reached us a few weeks ago.

A massive increase

resonant frequencyThe earth's electromagnetic resonance frequency (Schumann frequency - basic resonance frequency in our living space - named after the German physicist Prof. Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann) is also currently experiencing a change, or rather we are experiencing an increase in Schumann resonance waves (im Furthermore, it is a contentious topic on which many different opinions prevail, some speak of an increase, others claim that there is no change - but one thing is certain and that is that for several years now, very special cosmic influences have been reaching us, through which we humans develop ourselves spiritually develop massively). Ultimately, at least according to Praxis-Umeria (data obtained from sosrff.tsu.ru/Space Observing System) yesterday evening one of the largest increases in the last 6 months and apparently we are facing an even larger increase (see picture below). The fact that such strong influences have reached us and will continue to reach us is not surprising, but rather an important aspect of the current change through which the planet and human civilization can develop massively both mentally and spiritually (by the way, today is also a portal day, which is why This once again coincides perfectly with the current increase, because portal days are days on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us - in this regard, I did not take both phenomena into account in today's daily energy article, simply because I only found out about them recently). A massive increase - Schumann resonance wavesFor this reason, there is currently enormous potential for transformation through which we humans can free ourselves from everything old (old sustainable living conditions, beliefs, beliefs and behavior). We should therefore use the “wave of energy” and join the transformation process. Less and less space is made available for destructive conditions/circumstances and a life characterized by harmony, peace and, above all, truth should become manifest again. The changes are clearly noticeable. Last but not least, I have provided you with two excerpts from various websites in which the effects of an increased earth frequency and the Schumann frequency are explained:

 “Increasing the Earth’s frequency could result in:
  • We feel like time passes faster.
  • Many people experience frequent headaches, fatigue and malaise.
  • If you don't adjust your own vibration status to the increased earth frequency, you're in danger
    • Getting sick faster
    • To age prematurely
    • Suffering more often from degenerative diseases”

Source: http://secret-wiki.de/wiki/Erde

“I also remember an article. This was an experiment that was carried out in the USA some time ago. Incarcerated prisoners (felons) were housed separately in cells in which the Schumann frequency was artificially increased. The normal and natural frequency is 7,83 on average. It was increased to approx. 8,2 in the experiment. The result was very astonishing, because the prisoners who were exposed to this small increase in the Schumann frequency became very gentle, calm and the intelligence quotient increased enormously.

Source: https://www.spirit-portal.com/2017/06/03/steigen-nun-die-schumannfrequenzen-oder-nicht/

In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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