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divine plan

Within the current age of awakening, a collective ascent is being operated or worked on from the most diverse levels. The entire circumstance is completely designed for the transformation of all ancient structures, along with the dissolution of the matrix shrouded in darkness. Likewise, more and more levels within our own mind are becoming active. Our entire mind, body and soul system, which in turn is controlled by a light body (merkabah) is surrounded and permeated, also undergoes constant training and, at the end of our finalized incarnation, will be accompanied by the full realization of all our true creative powers.

Truly you can change everything

Truly you can change everythingIn this context, the one level of creation exists within ourselves, from which everything can be changed. Ultimately, I don't just mean the ability to initiate small changes or to use our creative power to redesign smaller circumstances, but generally means the ability to be able to fundamentally change one's entire existence. When we are 100% anchored in our highest self-image, when we have realized the sacred image of ourselves and accordingly our own light body is also 100% formed, then we are anchored in a state from which we all become direct reality can let. As far as that is concerned, the entire existence, i.e. above all the earth and its civilization, is embedded within one's own reality. Therefore, one's own light body does not exist separately from the outer world, but like we ourselves, it ultimately encompasses everything, because one is everything (see yourself as a center from which all your ideas, beliefs, actions and circumstances arise in a 360 degree direction. All existence radiates out from this core in a complete 360 ​​degree angle. The higher we vibrate or our light body develops, the higher the frequency of this 360-degree projection automatically becomes - if you change your frequency, then the frequency of your entire existence also changes and vice versa). We ourselves flow through everything and everything flows through us. Accordingly, everything can be influenced and, above all, changed. Be it the weather, be it the state of the world or even the entire earthly circumstance, through our deepest convictions, through our firm belief, along with deep wisdom, love and above all in combination with a healed/sacred self-image is ultimately every scenario feasible. At the end of the day it is the completely unleashed and greatest elemental power that rests in each of us and at the end of the earthly game (Rise from density to lightness) will experience their entire activation. It is the God-given or most basic arsenal of skills that is due to any fully Awakened/Ascended Creator. It is the power that we should be prevented from developing with all might, because it means a life in maximum freedom, independence and divinity.

From the difficult to the easy level

divine planIn order to prevent the unfolding of this sheer tremendous power, we should be prevented by daily discordant information, media reports (we should always look at what they tell us on a daily basis, the same goes for alternative media – we should keep our eyes on the political stage, again and again, every day), by weather manipulation (Gray skies - chemical clouds), radiation or electrosmog and co., unnatural substances in food (Addiction/Dependency), contaminated tap water and many other stressful mechanisms/structures are kept in a weak and, above all, anxious state. Ultimately, the system and its actors live from our heavy energy. Not only by keeping our focus on the world stage, but also by constantly indulging in discordant feelings, we keep the old world alive. The energy of war and fear should be in the foreground here, because these very heavy energy qualities serve to feed a dark entity level. Well, because of all these tensions that are feigned to us or transported into the spirit, the view of the essential is often neglected and the essential are the circumstances/states of God or love.

The DIVINE PLAN is taking place

The DIVINE PLAN is taking placeThe more we carry God within us or let it come to life, the more we will see how God (divinity) recurs in the outer world (of course the divine is always there, but I think you know what I'm getting at). The more love that blossoms in our hearts, the more love we will manifest in the outer world. It is ultimately up to us, we alone can change everything. We carry the potential within us to change all structures, truly ALL! We carry within us the ability to become fully light by reviving the chosen/God's state, i.e. the Trinity state (Christ and God Consciousness, along with the healed/Holy Spirit = Holy Consciousness). And we will all see the full activation of this potential within this decade or a few who will then fully infect the world with it. Once people see what is actually possible and, above all, what one has always tried to hide from them, then all covers will fall off. The work on ourselves is therefore becoming more and more important, because everything is waiting for us to embody our highest self on all levels of existence. It is the holy state, far away from problems, resentment, disputes, material dependencies, addictions, thoughts of lack, a lack of self-love, fears, gossip and burdensome dogmas. It is the pure state in which we act out of full devotion to creation without even holding 1% resentment. Only the best/most divine can be seen, felt and above all manifested.


And it is precisely this transformation from human to ascended master, i.e. the mastery of one's own incarnation, along with physical immortality and the manifestation of a paradisiacal age, that will happen 100%. Nothing should ever make you doubt that. So it is only the doubts sown in our minds that are supposed to prevent a corresponding manifestation. But those who have the unshakable belief in themselves are already in the process of manifesting such a world at this very moment. And that is exactly what I can only appeal to every day. Let your faith in the highest (to the HIGHEST IN YOURSELF) revive and know that the best is happening. A divine intelligence/plan is at work in the background that has envisioned a massive quantum leap for human civilization. Nothing can prevent this collective uprising. It is intended for the entire earth and a great spectacle that we are in the midst of. No matter what may come from it, learn to unfold your true or great creative power and begin to create the most beautiful and, above all, the most golden world for you. We all have the ability to do this in our minds. Nothing should or can prevent that. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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