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Thought is the fastest constant in existence. Nothing can travel faster than thought energy, even the speed of light is nowhere near faster. There are various reasons why thought is the fastest constant in the universe. On the one hand, thoughts are timeless, a circumstance that leads to them being permanently present and omnipresent. On the other hand, thoughts are completely immaterial and can achieve anything and anyone in a moment. This is also one of the reasons why we can permanently change/design our own reality at any time and in any place with the help of our thoughts.

Our thoughts are omnipresent

spacetimelessnessOur thoughts are omnipresent at all times. This presence is due to the spacetimeless structural nature that thoughts possess. In thoughts there is neither space nor time. Because of this, it is also possible to imagine anything you want. Your own imagination is not subject to any conventional limitations, on the contrary, you can imagine anything you want without being subject to physical limitations. Spatiality doesn't exist in your mind, you can create a complex world in a moment, for example a beautiful landscape with different villages, an environment surrounded by a dreamlike sea inhabited by fascinating animals. This imagination could never end, you can always expand, change or even expand this mental scenario with new mental terrains without being limited by material barriers. Likewise, time does not exist in thought. Imagine any scenario with people in it. Do these age? Of course not! You cannot age because there is no time in your mind.

We humans constantly experience space-timeless states..!!

Of course, you could use your imagination to age the people presented, but that is not due to time that could act there, but only to your own mental imagination of this scenario. That is also what is special about thoughts. We humans often find it difficult to understand space-timeless states, but basically we humans experience space-timelessness continuously due to our thoughts.

All thoughts are present throughout

The fastest constant - The thoughtFurthermore, thoughts can be called up and are available at any time. Imagine something, exactly, it happens directly, you don't have to wait a few seconds for the imagination process to start, the imagination happens immediately and without detours. Thoughts are constantly present and retrievable. One could also say that thoughts can be generated at any time, but that is not quite the case, because every thought already exists and you recall it yourself by becoming aware of the corresponding thought. Everything that ever happened, happens and will happen is only possible because of our thoughts that we could realize, thoughts that enabled us to commit the corresponding action. There are endless thoughts. These infinitely many thoughts already exist, embedded in the immaterial expanses of the energetic universe, anchored in a space-timeless primal ground that is given form by intelligent creative spirit. Basically, you only become aware of a thought that has been present in the universe all along and has just been waiting to get back into our consciousness. A gigantic pool of mental information that can hardly be grasped, from which one can constantly draw thoughts. An inexhaustible, intangible source that we continually tap into through our spacetimeless consciousness. This is also an interesting aspect, because consciousness is just as spacetimeless. Space-time is created by our consciousness, arises from this in which we legitimize space-time in our own mind and look at the world from this point of view. Basically, matter does not exist either or only to a limited extent, since everything we ultimately perceive is exclusively energy or, to put it better, consists of energetic states.

Everything you perceive is a mental projection of your own consciousness..!!

Matter in this context is condensed energy, energy that has a low vibration frequency. Our 3 dimensional, egoistic mind allows us to perceive this condensed energy as solid, rigid matter. Nevertheless, everything that one perceives is of an immaterial, subtle nature. Everything you can see is ultimately just a mental projection of your own consciousness.

A permanent spiritual expansion

Your own consciousness is constantly expandingIn exactly the same way, one's own consciousness is constantly expanding. Due to the space-timeless structural nature, one's consciousness expands continuously. The life of a human being is therefore shaped again and again by expansions of consciousness. One could also speak of a continuous intake of information that is responsible for this. From a material perspective, it is said that our brain absorbs and stores this information. But viewed from a 5-dimensional, immaterial point of view, one finds that it is much more our consciousness that has expanded to include corresponding experiences. In exactly the same way, your consciousness expands as you read this text with the experience of reading this text. In a few hours you will be able to look back on a situation in which you read through this text. You have expanded your consciousness with this information. Of course, this is an expansion of consciousness that is very unobtrusive and commonplace for one's own mind. Under an expansion of consciousness, we humans always imagine a groundbreaking realization, an overarching enlightenment that shakes our own thinking to the ground, a realization that would henceforth change our own life completely and would have changed our view of the world. But that only means an expansion of consciousness that would be very noticeable for your own mind. Finally, it is important to note that our consciousness and the thoughts that arise from it have a much greater power than one can imagine.

Because of your thoughts you are the creator of your own circumstance..!!

With our thoughts we create our own world and continuously change our own existence. With thoughts we can choose how we shape our own lives and are able to put actions into action, to realize them. For this reason it is advisable to legitimize peace instead of chaos in one's own mind, and this is exactly where the key to realizing a peaceful world lies in the mind of every human being. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Claudia 8. November 2019, 10: 35

      Thank you, I am very enthusiastic and always look forward to reading such a beautiful, inspiring text

    Claudia 8. November 2019, 10: 35

    Thank you, I am very enthusiastic and always look forward to reading such a beautiful, inspiring text