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As I have often mentioned in my articles, since the newly begun Age of Aquarius - which in turn began on December 21, 2012 (apocalyptic years = years of revelation, unveiling, revelation), humanity has been in a so-called quantum leap into awakening . Here one also likes to speak of a transition to the 5th dimension, which ultimately also means a transition to a higher collective state of consciousness. As a result, mankind continues to develop massively, becomes aware of its own mental abilities again (spirit rules over matter - spirit represents our primal ground, is the quintessence of our life), gradually sheds its own shadow parts, becomes more spiritual, returns expression of one's own egoistic mind (the materially oriented 3D mind) and sees through the system based on disinformation and low frequencies (compound interest lie, modern slavery, intentional mental suppression).

The awakening of our civilization

galactic waveIn that regard, we humans are also again experiencing an increase in our own vibrational frequency, an increase which in turn is also due to an increase in planetary frequency. Due to this increase in vibration, we humans also automatically discard all our own negative parts, i.e. negative habits, thoughts/emotions, beliefs, beliefs and behaviors, in order to be able to stay permanently in a higher frequency again, otherwise we would continue to be in destructive thought patterns would still make judgments about things that do not correspond to our own conditioned and inherited worldview and keep our own state of consciousness contained. We would then continue to be 3D - materially oriented and would not be able to develop + recognize the potential of our own spirit, the abilities of our own soul. However, this is not the case and we humans have been experiencing a continuous increase in our own frequency since 2012. But what does this actually have to do with? Apart from a few solar storms, which can ultimately also change our own state of consciousness, this is simply related to our galaxy, to be precise, to a so-called galactic pulse. In this context, it is important to understand that life and consciousness is present throughout existence. As in the large, so in the small, as in the macrocosm, so also in the microcosm.

The universal principle of correspondence states that, firstly, similar principles and structures can always be found on all levels of existence, i.e. the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and vice versa, as in the large - so in the small, as above - so below and secondly says this regularity , which represents the outer perceptible world only as a mirror of one's own inner state and vice versa, as inside - so outside..!!   

As a result, our planet has life, is conscious, breathes (e.g. uses our forests as lungs) and exists as an expression of consciousness. Ultimately, the same applies to our galaxy. Our galaxy, like our planet Earth, also represents a complex organism that is difficult to grasp (we humans are organisms/universes that are located in an organism/universe and are surrounded by countless organisms/universes).

Origin of the frequency increases

Our galaxy therefore has life, is an expression of consciousness and breathes, pulsates. In this context, at the center of our galaxy is also a giant binary star, a source of light, the Galactic Central Sun. This galactic central sun also pulsates in a regular rhythm and each of these pulse beats takes 26.000 years to complete. With each of these pulse beats, gigantic amounts of high-energy particles are released, which are then shot through the cosmos at tremendous speed, explosively, and thereby also reach our solar system or our planet. This inflowing cosmic radiation, these high frequencies, as a result, simply change the collective state of consciousness of humanity and initiate a quantum leap into awakening. In this way, we humans gradually wake up from our deep sleep, experience a radical change, a profound change in our own mind and develop further as a result. We then recognize our own destructive behavior/thoughts again and begin to live more in harmony with nature, recognize destructive and above all EGO-based structures and can identify with them less and less. The effects of the galactic pulse have therefore been reaching us for a number of years and the consequences of these massive incoming frequencies are more than noticeable. In the meantime, an extremely large number of people are also aware that a certain change is taking place on our planet, which is much more behind the life we ​​are led to believe, and are therefore dealing with the big questions of life again.

Due to the 26.000 year galactic pulse and the associated increase in the planetary vibration frequency, our states of consciousness are literally flooded with high-frequency energy, which in the long term simply favors an expansion of our own spirit, an unfolding of our own soul..!! 

This planetary change, this transition into the 5th dimension, is also unstoppable in this respect, is unavoidable and is currently leading to a complete realignment/reorientation of human civilization. For this reason, some world-changing things will happen in the coming years and humanity will continue to develop until we manifest a golden age on this planet again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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