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Man is a very multifaceted being and has unique subtle structures. Due to the limiting 3 dimensional mind, many people believe that only what you can see exists. But if you dig deep into the physical world, you have to find out in the end that everything in life consists only of energy. And the same is true of our physical body. Because in addition to the physical structures, the human being or every living being has different ones subtle bodies. These bodies are the reason our lives remain intact and are essential to our existence. In this article, I will explain exactly which bodies these are and what the purpose of these different structures is.

The vital body

First of all, I'll start with our vital body. This subtle body is responsible for keeping our organism in balance. It is the carrier of our life energy (Prana), our inner drive. Every human being possesses this life-giving energy. Without them we could not function at all or rather not live. This energy drives us every day and creates in us the urge to create new life situations and experiences. A strong vital body is noticeable by the fact that we are very motivated, radiate a lot of energy and joie de vivre and mainly embody joie de vivre. As a result, listless people have a weak or, more precisely, a weakened vital body. As a result, one often feels sluggish, has a listless basic attitude/charisma and a less pronounced urge to live.

The mental body

The vital bodyThe mental body, also known as the spiritual body, is the carrier of our thoughts, our knowledge, our rational mind, our wishes and desires. Thanks to this body we can consciously create and manifest experiences on an intellectual level. Our beliefs, our opinions and attitudes towards life are anchored in this subtle aspect. A balanced mental body, a clear mind allows us to create mainly positive basic thoughts in life. This makes you feel more self-confident and allows you to assess situations much better. These positive basic thoughts can be created because one better understands connections, patterns and schemes of subtle life due to the balanced mental body.

An imbalanced mental body is often noticeable through destructive worlds of thought. Negative thought patterns often determine everyday life for such people. These people are not masters of their mental minds and often allow themselves to be subjugated by their train of thought. Affected people often have the feeling that they are worthless, that they cannot achieve anything and that they are less intelligent than their fellow human beings. A weakened mental body also makes itself felt through firmly entrenched belief and thought patterns. It is difficult for these people to reconsider their own principles and sometimes they persist in the same trains of thought throughout their lives without ever having questioned or even thought about them.

But as soon as you become aware of your limitless thoughts or creative power and understand that you create thoughts yourself, enliven them with emotions and realize that you yourself are the creator of your own world of thoughts, then the light of the metal body begins to shine again.

The Emotional Body

The emotional body is the sensitive aspect of all of us. Through this body we experience emotions and feelings every day. This body is responsible for whether thoughts are enlivened with positive or negative feelings. Of course we all have free will and can therefore choose whether we create positive or negative thoughts. The emotional body only allows us to create and store sensations. When someone has a balanced emotional body, that person most often generates clear feelings of joy, love, and harmony. These people are positive most of the time and avoid negative emotional worlds.

The Emotional BodyIt is not difficult for these people to feel love or, to put it better, to express their love. You are very open to new events and people and have a positive attitude. An imbalanced emotional body, on the other hand, is often accompanied by low vibrating energy/negativity. Most often, this imbalance results in ulterior motives, anger, dishonesty, sadness, and pain. The corresponding people are often guided by low-vibrating feelings and find it very difficult to express their love for other people or animals. Often these people isolate themselves from the love that surrounds them and devote themselves more to the lower, negativity-generating act of life.

The supracausal body

The supracausal body or also known as the egoistic mind is a protective mechanism responsible for separateness from the divine. It is through this low vibrational mind that we primarily generate negativity. This mind lets us wander blindly through life and ensures that we shape ourselves daily through judgements, hatred, self-doubt, fear, jealousy, greed and egoism. Many people are constantly being controlled by their selfish mind and are therefore prisoners of their own mind. Love is only conditionally accepted in the world of the ego and is seen more as a weakness.

Many people identify completely with the ego and thereby harm themselves. But this mind is important to experience the duality of life. Away from divine structures and dimensions, polarities and dualities always exist. This gives us the ability to divide the world into "good and bad". This mind is there to learn life, to create negative experiences, to collect them and then to understand that we don't need negativity in life. How should I myself e.g. To understand and appreciate love if only it existed? The duality of life was created so that we can learn from this principle and evolve to understand that love is the only essence in the universe we need and not selfish, self-damaging experiences.

The soul or spiritual body

The soul or spiritual body represents the divine principle, the intuitive, high-vibrational aspect in all of us. This body reflects the true nature of man and ensures that we can act from the divine principle of life. She is the peace that hides behind people's clothes and is responsible for treating other people with respect, dignity and love. Those who identify with the soul embody peace, harmony, compassion and love. A strong emotional connection also keeps us from judging other people. All the lower qualities of man find no support in the soul aspect. It is the opposite of the egoistic mind and never ceases to exist. The soul is immortal and can only exist. She is the light that is hidden in every person and every person can become aware of their soul again, but only very few are aware of the soul and act mainly out of egoistic aspects.

Most people accept the egoistic mind and unknowingly accept the resulting "separation from the soul". But currently many people recognize their egoistic mind, put it off and act more and more from the intuitive soul. Judgments disappear, hate, envy, jealousy and all other base qualities are no longer offered a hold and instead we start acting out of eternal love again. Because love is what characterizes everything in life, in existence. Love is a high vibrating, 5 dimensional energetic structure that has always existed, is and will be against.

Everyone can draw as much love and harmony from this source of energy as they want, because this source of energy is inexhaustible. Everything consists of love and will always consist of love. We come out of love and we go back into love, that's the cycle of life. It is only here in the 3 dimensional, physical world that we deal with negative thoughts and emotions, because due to the egoistic mind and the law of resonance acting on it, we tend to attract negative events into our lives rather than positive ones.

The memories of the subtle worlds return.

We are loving, multidimensional beings and we are currently beginning to remember this primal principle of life again. Memory is returning more and more and people are presently regaining an upright and constant connection to the omnipresent, Divine aspect of creation. We stop identifying ourselves with the physical body or with any of the other subtle bodies and understand again that we are multidimensional beings who have the ability to balance our entire existence. Until then, stay healthy, happy and continue to live your life in harmony.

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    • Thomas Rusche 13. February 2021, 13: 00

      Thank you for this lexion, I remember my divine principle of love and peace within me. Thank you.❤️❤️

    Thomas Rusche 13. February 2021, 13: 00

    Thank you for this lexion, I remember my divine principle of love and peace within me. Thank you.❤️❤️