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portal day

Now the time has finally come and the first portal day of this month has reached us. As already announced, this portal day also represents the beginning of a ten-day series of portal days and heralds a very intensive and, above all, stormy week and a half. As far as that is concerned, a tremendous energetic increase is already reaching us today and it is seen as the high one energetic circumstances of yesterday continued.

Extreme energetic surge

measurements of love

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

Due to the extremely high cosmic radiation and the special or very energetic phase that we humans are now in, we can definitely expect that a lot of structures in our lives will now change. I have often mentioned that the process of collective spiritual awakening can basically be divided into several phases. Massive developmentThere are three main phases: knowledge – action – revolution. In other words, first of all, people explore their own origins again, deal again with the abilities of their own state of consciousness, recognize that they are the designers of their own fate, that they are the creators of their own reality and, as a result, put themselves back into action strongly grapples with the big questions of life (Who am I? Where do I come from? Is there a God and if so, what is God? What is the meaning of life, or rather my life? Is there life after death?) . Inevitably, the examination of one's own origins is also linked to questioning the current system. Many global events, past acts of terrorism and other geopolitical events are being questioned, many inconsistencies are being uncovered and it is becoming increasingly clear to oneself that the current system is a system based on disinformation, lies and half-truths, a system that only serves to... The task is to contain our own minds and turn us into financial slaves.

In the first phase, people become aware that an illusory world has been built right around their mind and begin to see through this illusory world..!! 

In this context, more and more energetically dense “mechanisms” in this system are being uncovered and increasingly rejected (vaccines, meat consumption/murder of animals, Chemtrails – No, not a conspiracy theory, unnatural nutrition/chemical additives in food, suppression of countless medicines, arms exports, etc.).

The people awaken and take active action

portal dayIn the first phase, people deal with what is happening in the world again, explore not only their own origins, but also the energetically dense system + various mechanisms that make us sick. Nevertheless, a certain kind of inability to act still prevails here and we are unable to take action against it or are unable to even begin to detach ourselves from the system. We are therefore still subject to various energetically dense mechanisms, may continue to eat poorly (dependence/addiction), continue to allow ourselves to be dominated by our own self-created negative thoughts and are unable to create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. After a certain period of time, humanity really awakens and takes active action. Ultimately, this simply means that humanity is now using all the new knowledge gained after all this time to make important changes.

In the second phase, more and more people apply their newly acquired knowledge, make full use of their own creative powers again and thus shake the system in a peaceful way..!!

For example, your own diet is now completely brought into shape (natural/alkaline diet) in order to be able to nip all diseases in the bud (every disease is curable - no disease can exist in an alkaline + oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone develop) and so on secondly, to be able to create a clear state of consciousness again.

The phase of active action is currently in full swing

The phase of active action is currently in full swingOn the other hand, you also begin to actively work for the well-being of other people and living beings. You have now developed a very strong love for nature, animals and the human world, have given up many of your own judgments and have greatly minimized your own ego mind. As a result, you no longer close your eyes but instead actively intervene, actively take action against the system, for example through peaceful protest, or even by changing your entire way of life (if you want there to be no more factory farming, then consume it). For example, no more meat, if you don't want to make gigantic profits for the pharmaceutical industry, then eat naturally and don't get vaccinated anymore). Basically, the phase of active action is where true spiritual awakening takes place, because instead of dreaming, you now go all out and initiate massive changes in your own life. You then no longer allow yourself to be dominated mentally, but are once again in control of your own situation. Finally, the third phase would occur, namely the phase of revolution. Through the massive further development of the collective state of consciousness, through the awakening of humanity, which has now initiated a peaceful protest and rejects all energetically dense mechanisms, a change is simply occurring and the current corrupt system can no longer exist as a result. This final phase will result in the so-called golden age, a time in which humanity will experience global peace + justice, a time in which no living being will be oppressed anymore and the truth about the world + about our own origins will have reached everyone.

Due to the newly begun cosmic cycle, humanity is currently simply experiencing an enormous expansion of its own spirit, is developing completely further and will therefore in time initiate the golden age, of that there is no doubt..!! 

But it will still be a few years before that happens (and not decades!!). In this regard, we humans are now in the phase of active action or this phase is currently reaching the collective state of consciousness. This is how more and more people are accessing their own creative power and are initiating a lot of important changes in their own lives. For this reason, all structures are currently changing and we are in the process of fully developing our entire intellectual potential. In this context, I also feel these changes very strongly in my life. So everything is changing for me at the moment and for the first time in years I'm managing to implement the things that I've wanted to do for countless years.

In the process of spiritual awakening, at some point you reach the point where your own shadow parts are completely redeemed and, as a result, you can once again create a life that completely corresponds to your own ideas..!!

Whether it's freeing myself from various addictions (smoking), changing my own diet, going for a run every day or even realizing various thoughts that I've been putting off for countless years, I'm currently managing to implement a lot of things and as a result, increasingly achieve balance. For this reason, we should also look forward to the next 9 portal days and join the structures that are changing. If we now swim in the flow of life again, if we follow this principle and keep in mind that a time has now begun in which we can fully take active action, then we can definitely initiate changes again a completely new living situation will result. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 


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