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Thoughts form the basis of our entire life. The world as we know it is therefore only a product of our own imagination, a corresponding state of consciousness from which we look at the world and change it. With the help of our own thoughts we change our entire own reality, create new living conditions, new situations, new possibilities and can unfold this creative potential completely freely. Spirit rules over matter and not vice versa. For this reason, our thoughts + emotions also have a direct influence on material conditions. Thanks to our mental abilities, we are able to influence matter, to change it.

Thoughts change our environment

Thoughts change the environmentThe supreme authority in existence or the origin of all existence is consciousness, conscious creative spirit, a consciousness that has always existed and from which all material and immaterial states have arisen. Consciousness consists of energy, energetic states that vibrate on frequencies. Consciousness flows through the entire existence and manifests itself in the same way in the entire existence, in everything that exists. In this respect, the human being is a manifestation of this overarching consciousness, consists of this consciousness and uses this consciousness to explore and shape one's own life. This overarching primal consciousness is also responsible for the fact that everything in existence is connected. All is one and one is all. We are all connected on an immaterial, spiritual level. Due to this circumstance, we humans are also able to have a direct influence on organisms. Even nature reacts very sensitively to our own thoughts and emotions in this regard. In this regard, researcher Dr. Cleve Backster did some groundbreaking experiments in which he clearly proved that your thoughts can change the mood of plants. Backster connected some plants to a detector and noticed how the plants then reacted to his thoughts. In particular, negative thoughts about the plant, for example the thought of lighting the plant with a lighter, caused the detector to respond.

Due to our own spirit, we humans exert a permanent influence on our immediate environment..!!

With this and countless other experiments, Backster proved that we humans can significantly influence matter and, above all, the state of organisms with the help of our own mind. We can inform our environment positively or even negatively, we can create an inner balance, live harmoniously or live an inner imbalance, create disharmony. Fortunately, thanks to our consciousness and the free will that comes with it, we always have a choice.

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