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Why are so many people currently dealing with spiritual, high-vibrational topics? A few years ago this was not the case! At that time, these topics were ridiculed by many people, dismissed as nonsense. But currently, many people feel magically drawn to these topics. There is also a good reason for this and I would like to share it with you in this text explain in more detail. The first time I came into contact with such topics, was in 2011. At that time I came across various articles on the internet, all of them have interpreted that from the year 2012 we will enter a new age, the 5th dimension would occur. Of course, I didn't understand all of that at the time, but an inner part of me couldn't label what I read as untruth. On the contrary, an aspect of my inner universe, the intuitive aspect in me, could make me realize that there is much more behind this unknown terrain, even if I could not interpret this feeling very clearly at the time due to my ignorance about it. 

The Apocalyptic Years

AscentIt is now 2015 and more and more people are dealing with these topics. Many people recognize the symbolism and the connections of life. So now they understand what is really going on here on this planet from a political and spiritual point of view. In the last 2 years you also called apocalyptic years (Apocalypse means unveiling/unveiling and not end of the world), many lies and oppressive mechanisms were exposed. A global change is currently taking place, in which our planet Earth, including the animals and people living on it, is entering a new age. But in order to understand why this is so, what happens and what effects it has on our lives, we have to take a short journey into past human history. Our life has always been accompanied and shaped by cycles since primeval times. There are "smaller" cycles such as the day and night cycle. But there are also larger cycles, for example the 4 seasons or the annual cycle. But there is also another cycle that has existed for thousands of years beyond the perception of most people. Many of our previous civilizations understood this great cycle and perpetuated their knowledge everywhere.

The earlier high cultures were very aware of the cosmic cycle..!!

Just a few years ago, it was unthinkable for most people to grasp and understand this complex overall picture. The earlier high cultures such as the Mayas, the Lemurians or Atlantis were far ahead of our time. They recognized the signs and lived as fully conscious human beings. They recognized that life in the universe is characterized by a gigantic cycle over and over again. A cycle that continually raises and lowers the collective consciousness of humanity. The Mayas were able to precisely calculate this 26000-year cycle and were well aware of its existence.

The Giza Pyramid complex calculates the cosmic cycle..!!

The masterfully built pyramid complex of Giza also calculates this cycle. Basically, this facility is just a massive astronomical clock. And this astronomical clock runs so perfectly and precisely that it precisely calculates the cosmic cycle at all times. The Sphinx looks towards the horizon and points to certain star constellations there. From these star constellations one can see which universal age one is currently in. We are currently in the Age of Aquarius.

The golden section Phi

The Golden cutBy the way, another interesting fact: The pyramids of Giza or the entirety of all pyramids on this planet (there are well over 500 known pyramids and pyramid-like buildings in the world like the Maya Temple, all these buildings were built according to the formulas pi and the complex built with the golden section phi. The pyramids are perfectly constructed down to the smallest detail, which is why they have been able to survive for thousands of years without suffering any major damage. If a common high-rise building from our era were left in peace for thousands of years without maintenance, the building would rot in the long run and fall in. The pyramids or all pyramids on this planet were built by conscious, knowing people. These were highly developed civilizations that understood life very well and worked with the golden ratio. They were fully conscious beings because the vibrational levels were particularly high at those times. These civilizations have treated all living beings and this planet with dignity, love and respect. As I have often mentioned in my texts, everything in the universe has its own vibration frequency, since everything ultimately consists of energy that vibrates at frequencies.

Everything in existence ultimately consists of energetic states vibrating at frequencies..!!

A low vibrational frequency is always the result of negativity. Negativity in this context is low vibrating energy/energetic density/ that we can legitimize in our own mind using our consciousness. In the past centuries and millennia one can clearly see that an energetically dense circumstance prevailed in the world at that time. People were repeatedly enslaved, oppressed and exploited by those in power. They have never been able to defend themselves against this darkness/low vibrating energy as humans were too weak willed, fearful and ignorant themselves to do so. The egoistic mind unconsciously had the people completely under control in those times.

2 Ascended Personalities

AscentOnly a few people, such as Buddha or Jesus Christ, have succeeded in recognizing and discarding this mind in these times. Both gained clarity and were able to act from the true nature of man. They only identified themselves with high-vibrating energy or the soul, the divine aspect in all of us and were thus able to embody peace and harmony. That these two personalities attained such clarity during these times was extremely important. As a result, their actions could shape the whole world, even if many of their wisdom and statements were completely twisted by certain people. But that's another story. But the low vibrational energy that existed at the time also had its origin. In the first 13000 years of the 26-thousand-year cycle, people on this planet lived harmoniously, peacefully, consciously and only acted out of the divine principle of harmony. The basic frequency of the planet (Schumann resonance) is extremely high at these times. This is because it takes our solar system 26000 years to complete a full rotation. At the end of this rotation, the Earth enters full, rectilinear synchronization with the Sun and the center of the Milky Way.

Every 26000 years mankind experiences a huge quantum leap into awakening due to a complex cosmic interaction..!!

After this synchronization, the solar system enters a highly energetic region of its own rotation for 13000 years. But after 13000 years, the earth returns to an energetically denser area due to the rotation of the solar system. As a result, the planet drastically loses its natural vibration again. People then gradually lose their heightened awareness, their loving, conscious connection to the intuitive soul.

The egoistic mind as a natural protective mechanism

AscentIn order not to become completely paranoid, nature has set up a protective mechanism for humans, the so-called egoistic mind. Through this lower mind we can cope/forget the separateness of elevated consciousness, the psychic mind, the separateness to divinity and accept the duality of life and act fully from this lower survival aspect of creation. That's why a lot of people are talking about a fight between good and evil, a fight between light and darkness. Basically, this means the transition from a dense energy into a light, high-vibrational energy. And that transition is happening within each and every human being, as all is one, as everyone is made up of the same energetic particles of life, as all that exists is energy. The high-vibrational and intuitive soul gains an ever stronger connection to ourselves and gradually ensures that we recognize our egoistic, judgmental mind and gradually discard it in a very natural way (we transform the body's own, low vibrations into a light, highly energetic one Vibration). As a result, people can draw more positivity into their lives and begin to create a peaceful and just world again through their own positive thoughts.

The mentally suppressive mechanisms are exposed

wake upWe are just at the beginning of this wonderful cycle. In 2012, the fundamental frequency of the earth rose significantly. Since then we have been able to continuously experience a rapid increase. Of course, energetic increases in our earthly life have always occurred before this, which is why the first people came into contact with spiritual content in the last 3 decades. In 2013 – 2014 a strong change could already be observed. More and more people became aware of their free will and their creative power. The number of people demonstrating for peace and a free world increased significantly. Never before have there been so many demonstrations worldwide as in recent years. Humanity is reawakening to fully conscious beings and is seeing through the enslaving and spiritually oppressive systems on Earth. Man is currently overcoming his own egoism and thus learns to live free of prejudice and in love again. That is why even a person who identifies 100% with his egoistic mind could not, in most cases, deal with this text without prejudice.

One of the biggest problems of our civilization today is that of judging other people's worlds of thought..!!

Due to the negative basic attitude triggered by egoism, he would prejudice, frown upon or even smile at the text. The individual sentences and words would simply vibrate too high for this egoistic aspect and because of this could not be grasped by the mind, by consciousness. But fewer and fewer people are in the clutches of the ego and are beginning to successfully deal with this content of life.

Use your creative potential

The vibration on our earth is currently so high that every human being can use the reawakened potential in their reality. And that's what will happen, because this process is unstoppable! We are about to enter a golden age. We are experiencing a wonderful transformation in which our planet and all of its inhabitants shed its isolating cocoon and transformed into a free, admirable butterfly. We are fortunate to live in this age. Therefore, we should use our mental creativity to create a new, peaceful world. Until then, stay healthy, content and continue to live your lives in harmony.

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