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In my younger years, I never really thought about the presence of the present. On the contrary, most of the time I hardly acted from this all-encompassing structure. I rarely lived mentally in the so-called now and often lost myself far too often in negative past or future patterns/scenarios. During this time I was not aware of this and so it happened that I drew a lot of negativity from my personal past or from my future. I was constantly worried about my future, afraid of what might come, or feeling guilty about certain past events, classifying past events as mistakes, mistakes that I deeply regretted in this context.

The present – ​​a moment that stretches out forever

that-nowAt that time, I was increasingly losing myself in such mental scenarios and allowing my mind/body/spirit “system” to become increasingly out of balance. I derived more and more suffering from this abuse of my own mental imagination and thus increasingly lost connection to my own spiritual mind. Ultimately, years passed until one day my brother and I found ourselves in the process of spiritual awakening. The first profound self-knowledge reached our consciousness and from then on our lives changed suddenly. The first great self-knowledge was that no person in the world has the right to blindly judge the life or thoughts of another person. From then on everything changed. The new self-knowledge/expansion of consciousness shaped the further course of our lives and so in the following days/months/years we dealt intensively with spiritual content. One day we were sitting together in my room again and, after intensive philosophizing, we came to the realization that the past and future are ultimately just mental constructs.

The past and the future are exclusively mental constructs!!

In this context, we became aware that we have always been in the present and that this omnipresent construct accompanies a person's entire existence. After all, the past and future don't exist, or are we currently in the past or future? Of course not, we are only in the present.

A realization that changed our understanding of life

the presenceWhat happened in the past in this regard was happening now and what will happen in the future will also happen now. We realized that the present, the so-called now, is an eternally expansive moment that has always been, is and will be. A single moment that we have always been in. This moment extends forever and has always existed apart from that and will exist forever. However, many people do not act based on current patterns, but often get lost in past and future scenarios. In this context, you derive a lot of suffering from your own mental imagination and thus lose your balance. This mental abuse can be traced back to your own 3-dimensional, energetically dense, egoistic mind. This mind ultimately ensures that we humans can realize energetic density or negative states in our own minds, moments that have a low vibration frequency due to their structural nature. Someone who stays mentally in the present and does not get lost in past or future scenarios can act from the presence of the present and draw life energy from this always existing source. This profound realization occupied us for days at the time. For me, it even seemed that when my cousin moved, I spent hours thinking about this new self-knowledge.

A profound reprogramming of our subconscious..!!

But I was so overwhelmed by this realization that I couldn't think about anything else that day. In the days that followed, this knowledge normalized, became part of our subconscious and was now an integral part of our world view. Of course, this didn't ensure that we would never get lost in long-term mental scenarios again, but this new knowledge was still formative and made it much easier for us to deal with such situations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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