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The new month of December is just around the corner and for this reason I will review the weeks of November in this article. On the other hand, I will also touch on the upcoming energy quality of December. In this context, not only every day or even every year, but also every month brings with it a completely individual quality of energy. It will be similar in December.

Review November

Review NovemberAs far as that is concerned, we can also await December with "excitement", because there are currently so many cleaning processes running in the background, i.e. so many old structures and disharmonious constructs are "revealed and transformed", so that December also has enormous potential in store for us , there is no doubt about that. In the end, the quality of energy was unbelievable, as has been mentioned very often in the past few months. The past 2-3 months are therefore felt to be among the most intense months within this overarching process of spiritual awakening. Of course, we have had months like this in the past few years, but this time everything happened on a completely different level. In this regard, the collective state of consciousness has changed extraordinarily in the last 2 years, sometimes even greatly cleaned, which is why it is in no way surprising that the intensity of the past few months has brought with it completely different aspects and topics. Everything is currently heading towards a complete unveiling, purification and transformation, i.e. we are getting stronger, possibly even completely into our own creative power (although we are always in our creative power, but this refers to a conscious use of creative power + creating harmonious circumstances ), experience a stronger manifestation/expression of our own inner truth and look more and more behind the matrix illusion system (illusory world built around our own mind). Currently the number of people who are awakening is extremely large, also no comparison to the past few years, the circumstance has changed a lot, which means that the collective spirit can experience an unveiling again (our thoughts/emotions influence the collective - the more people are convinced of something, the stronger it becomes manifest in the collective mind).

The pollution of the planet is but the reflection on the outside of a psychic pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who take no responsibility for their inner space. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Especially in September and especially in October, our civilization was able to experience an enormous acceleration and further development. October in particular was really tough, at least from an energetic point of view. November continued this circumstance and brought us many increases/elevations and other energy qualities, through which we were able to manifest fundamental changes and spiritual reorientations.

Personal impressions and the December energies

Personal impressions and the December energiesI myself felt the first weeks of November to be similar to October, i.e. old burdens were transported into my day-consciousness, I often felt depressed, was emotionally confused and experienced a few low moods, but on the other hand there were also a few sudden moments in which I was completely carefree and was mentally strong. In the last 10 days of November, despite a few days that were characterized by a certain degree of tiredness, I was very "on point" and was also able to accomplish a lot. I therefore felt much better, was able to minimize some fears and act much more from current structures. The last few days have increased the whole thing again and I felt incredibly energized (daily "forest shakes“ also favored such a state). It also made it clear to me personally that the second phase of spiritual awakening, i.e. the phase of action, the embodiment of the change we wish for in the world, is becoming more and more manifest. Legacies are being discarded more and more every day and we can develop enormously. Contrary experiences are still possible, but I feel inside that a time is dawning when many people will break countless self-imposed limits on their spiritual path.

Within the current process of spiritual awakening, new levels are being reached again and again. After the beginning of rethinking/awakening, there follows a phase in which we humans initiate countless changes and subsequently live out a stronger connection to nature. It is therefore also a phase in which the sham system is increasingly being uninstalled..!!

This process will definitely be continued in December. Of course, winter and the winter months basically always stand for retreat, reflection, inner life and daydreaming. However, this in no way excludes personal growth and, above all, striving for harmonious states. A retreat can also release unbelievable powers in us, because a confrontation with our own soul and also entering into a calm state of consciousness finally allows us to gain new strength. Nevertheless, due to the current but very special energy quality, everything feels possible and all states of consciousness can be experienced. For this reason, December will certainly be a month that will be of great benefit to us, at least from a transformation point of view. Our unveiling will take on even greater proportions and we can definitely manifest fundamental changes. In this sense, we can be curious, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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